LESSONS IN LOGIC: Signs That You Have A Dictator Leading Your Country

The Oil for Your Lamp

I have been trying to explain to people that we have a dictator in the White House, and I have received a lot of ‘push-back’ in return.  I think this is partly because people do not want to believe this is possible in America, and others object simply because they are personally vested in Obama and/or the Democrat Party and its agenda.  Either way, for the majority of these people, if they acceptor my assertion that Obama is a dictator, they instinctively realize that it taints them in turn for having supported Obama.  So, for them, it is easier to reject my claim.  I understand, and I sympathize with them, but I do not and will not move from my assertion.  Obama is a dictator, and it shows in everything he does.  All we need to do to prove this to ourselves is find the courage to compare Obama and…

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4 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Signs That You Have A Dictator Leading Your Country

  1. “Push-back” ?

    You mean like get in back of the Obammy-king and Push ? Kinda sorta like they used to say about Nixon.

      • Did you hear his latest Anti-2nd Amendment push ?

        He and the Democrats of course, are trying to get an “Executive Action” that would allow the FBI to extend Indefinitely the wait time for Firearms purchases. The 3 day wait period on Back round checks was “pushed” through by Clinton and of course the Progressives and Democrats in 1994.

        Thus the Foot-in-the-door tactics are on display.

        • Don,

          2 Thessalonians brother. We live in the age of lawlessness, as in the days of Noah, where everyone feels justified to do as they wish and no one recognizes God’s Law.

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