Reactionary much?

I was quite flummoxed by the venomous responses I received to one of my posts (particularly from my sister.) Thing about me is that I don’t back down. I like intelligent comments that contain common sense, but greatly disdain those that don’t, and I have no issue speaking my mind in opposition of them. Boo hoo!

Here is the oddball thing: I’ve had several friends call to praise me, yet they won’t step into the fray. I don’t care, just as I don’t care that Bruce is now Caitlyn. (Reckon he’s got bigger balls than my conservative friends…) What I was pointing out in my post was (Lone Wolf) director, Peter Berg’s truth in his meme. It is funny, sad and true. I agree with him and this fella, Bob Costas, who said that the award should have gone to the girl athlete with cancer or the boy (a vet) from the DWTS show.

Are people really that oxygen deprived to not see that a has-been 70’s athlete getting an award for courage on a sports network (ESPN) that is owned by the ABC network (producing his “transformation” show, by the way,) is not for ratings? Please bring me my Dumbass Meter so I can slap the crap out of some folks……cause seriously……….they fucking need it.

Beg pardon, to be sure! Slip of the tongue, that was, to be sure.  Reckon it’s the reactionary in me.

  1. reactionary

[ rēˈakSHəˌnerē ]


adjective: reactionary

(of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.

synonyms: right-wing · conservative · rightist · ultraconservative ·

traditionalist · conventional · old-fashioned · unprogressive · redneck


antonyms: progressive


noun: reactionary · plural noun: reactionaries

a reactionary person.

synonyms: right-winger · conservative · rightist · traditionalist ·

conventionalist · dinosaur


antonyms: radical

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Oh, I almost forgot the photo which caused such a hullabaloo at my site:thZXEUYCNU

10 thoughts on “Reactionary much?

  1. Of Course it should have gone to those you mentioned instead of Bruce Gender.

    This entire LGBT insanity is concocted to further undermine our society and culture. Right out of The “Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State”, one of the founding “Bibles” of the Marxist /Progressive left. Pure cultural Marxism !!

    We are talking about giving 24/7 coverage to a small subset of people whose lives are defined entirely by sexuality. And demand that everyone else dialogue about that as well. It is Sick and a distraction.

  2. Kells,

    Simmer down. The way this country is going there is a lot more to come. No need to waste expletives for shock value. Surprise them with kind words.
    PS: I fail at this as well when I get wound up on some issue.

    • True story: I have had my mouth washed out with every soap you can name (Fels Naptha is the worse, by the way) to curb my foul mouth. It seems that when I lose my temper, particularly if due to a member of my family, I seem to slip up. I will tell you that I am a nice if not dorky person. Unfortunately, I have never met any of these folks at this site in person, so they cannot attest to my character. Well, I did meet B. years ago, but it was a how-dee-do-shake before this site emerged…..

      • Kells,
        next time try washing your mouth out with Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve. It may take a few washings but after 4 or so, thing should be smoothed out…. ;- )).

        Very glad to hear you are “not a dorky person”…… otherwise I’d have to recommend Crown Royal.

          • Kells,

            You know I hope that “dorky” has its own great appeal ?
            Beer over wine any day. Unless it’s Rolling Rock, or….. French…. :- ((

        • Don,

          Mello is good!

          The ending is glorious for the humble in Christ.

          A few nips for medicinal (psychological) release is permitted. Just stay out of fights, stray filly’s and dark alleys. My daddy taught me not much happens good after midnight. Turned out to be good wisdom.

          • Chhelo,

            Excellent advice from your Pa !!
            I was lucky enough to marry the ” Filly of my life”, first and only time. ( and apres minuit has remained for both equal measure of mello and good ). Home is best.

  3. The extreme pushing of the Politically Correct will be one on the major destroyers of America. Throw in the terrorism from Islam and the one-sidedness of our politicians and I can guarantee you that we will fail.

    • Exactly. Wrote a silly ditty on the FB about it cause I had to vent…………and I didn’t curse!!

      The thought police were out full-force yesterday,
      If you offend them, they’ll make sure that you pay.
      It is all right if you think what they think,
      So long as you don’t break the chain in their link.

      From birth they continue to swim in their school,
      The mermaid just swims in her very own pool.
      When the net scoops them up to the dangerous air,
      The mermaid just sighs, and swims into her lair.

      The collective is Pinocchio pulled by his strings,
      While Geppetto laughs gaily, and merrily sings.
      The individual is aware that he’s a real boy,
      This freedom brings solace to him and great joy.

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