CONNECTING THE DOTS: Spirit Of Holocaust Alive And Well In America

The Oil for Your Lamp

This nation is in the grips of the same spirit that drove Hitler to kill the Jews.  It has been for a century.  I know this because I know history, and history reveals that the American Eugenics movement was a leading factor in the development of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution.’  If you understand that you are dealing with a spirit, then you will see the clear signs that it has as tight a grip on our nation today as it had on Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s.  The latest evidence that this spirit has hold of our nation can be found in recent news headlines.  I have to wonder, how many Americans saw those headlines and made the connection between those stories and the arguments that were used to justify the Holocaust?  If you wonder what I am talking about, or you doubt the validity of my claims, then keep…

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8 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Spirit Of Holocaust Alive And Well In America

    • Yes, Kells, just like Israel took on the Canaanites. Tell me, do you think it will soemohow turn out different this time as opposed to ALL the other times that has been tried in the past?

    • EdwardS,

      If I left you with a plan of action, you would criticize it, and/or complain about it. When I lay out the guidelines and leave you to make your own decisions as to what to do, you complain that I have not ‘bossed you around.’ I think I am starting to understand how Moses felt when he was trying to teach the Hebrews about the way God wanted them to live 🙂

      • Hey, ring-a-ding-ding……..reality’s callin……wanna pick up? Now that Obama has bypassed congress, and taken his nuclear deal to the UN, what the hello do you think Israel is supposed to do? This? “Ah, Shalom, we shall pray for our heathen brothers.” Yeah, like that’ll fly……

        Truly, I believe you must fight for your beliefs, even if it means taking on friends. To not engage with another (whether it be good or bad) is the epitome of cowardice, as you are not speaking your mind.

        • Kells,

          You are a stiff-necked individual. Do you EVER hear anything but the sound of your own voice?

          Go back and re-read my post. When you find what I said to do BEFORE turning your back on someone, then and ONLY then will I listen to you — because I have already addressed all this and — as usual — you missed it.

          • Stiff-necked?! Holy crap! You’re kiddin me, right? You get on your high horse quite frequently, pal Joey. Let me tell you, tonight I cooked for one of the twins, and the Doll told me not to make the spinach dish…………now I wish I would’ve, just so I could deliver it especially to you since you are obviously lacking iron……………amongst other vitamins and minerals that would help you think clearly.

            • Go away, Kells. Do not come back to me until you are ready to tell me what I said to do BEFORE leaving people to themselves. I’m serious. I do not have any more time to cast pearls before swine, so, unless and until you tell me what I said we should do FIRST, I am through trying to have a ‘grown-up’ discussion with you.

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