The REAL Reasons for Trump’s Popularity, and What We Should Learn from Them

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Donald Trump is very popular right now, but I wonder how many people are actually aware of the reasons behind his popularity.  When you listen to Trump’s supporters, they are not really supporting his policies — because Trump has never really expressed any policies.  So Trump’s policies are not the reason for his popularity.  It’s not his Party affiliation, either.  Until just a few years ago, Trump was a Democrat, and even today, he is still sympathetic to Democrats and their policies.  So it isn’t Trump’s Party affiliation.  So why is Trump so popular with so many people, and what can it tell us about America?  Well, the answer is simple, really: Trump has tapped into the same combination of things that made Reagan so popular.  The three-fold answer is as follows:

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2 thoughts on “The REAL Reasons for Trump’s Popularity, and What We Should Learn from Them

  1. It’s so early, but I do love how Trump is causing an awakening. You forgot to mention the beauty part in your post.:he backs Cruz. Is Trump’s run just a song and dance? Who knows? I dig New Yorker’s, as they speak their mind, so I’m enjoyin the ride… other words, I like him, and you can bet your sweet ass that he would run this country better than the community organizer, er, golfer..

    • Heard Carly Fiorina interviewed on Marl Levin. I really liked her. Levin was correct in saying she has led a very effective campaign without having a lot of exposure. I have to agree !

      She has done similar to Trump, especially with respect to Hillary and with the Baby Murdering at Planned Parenthood. Point is she is ALSO going on Offense instead of defense. She states Hillary’s awful record and complete lack of ANY accomplishment in very clear simple language.

      I liked her.

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