Straight Talk ~

Lately, I’ve noticed that Donald Trump is getting a lot of slack for his off-the-cuff remark of “McCain’s a war hero because he was captured; I prefer the ones who weren’t captured”, while McCain is given a free pass in calling voters that attended Trump’s conference as “crazies” (which was also off-the-cuff.)

So it is okay for a senator from Arizona to call voters “crazies”, and a senator from South Carolina (Graham) to call Trump a “jackass”? I reckon the GOP powers that be are attempting to play you and me.

Seriously, I tend to wonder if people have ever met a New Yorker. Let me tell you, the folks in the city are akin to the folks in Wisconsin in that they will speak their minds, while making flippant jabs. This is not a trait only gifted to northerners, as I have seen many southerners squarely speak their mind, and make some hysterical jabs.

Come to think on it; my B-I-L is an Irishman, and this type of jabbing is quite common in their culture. How is it then that we as a nation have become so sensitive, that we are offended by words? The media tells us to?

Personally, I dismiss the media and focus on the man’s words as well as his accomplishments. (One need not be an actor to hear a comment made from another and know it is an off-the-cuff jab.) Am I endorsing Trump? It is too early, but I will indeed defend a candidate’s first amendment rights. I will also call out the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, which is the media attempting to direct the thoughts of others. #obvious

3 thoughts on “Straight Talk ~

  1. Trump has consistently taken the game to the media and opposition.
    About Amnesty.
    About the Fraud that is McCain ( who BTW voted DOWN a bill allowing the Military to be armed on Base etc)

    And in doing this has shown Push Back…..and made this push back a part of the current acceptable dialogue ! This is HUGE. It is having an effect on political dialogue.

    Carly Fiorina took it to Jake Tapper on Tuesday re : Hillary and Re: Planned Parenthood. She also has be consistent and on message.

    Ted Cruz today took McConnell to task on the Senate floor….basically showing and saying that McConnell ( and by association his RINO supporters) have consistently LIED to their constituency, and acted to Help Obama at EVERY turn !!!

  2. I’m married to a guy born in NYC & he usually is less vocal than me the Midwesterner, but at times the NYC side of him comes out & it’s more a don’t eff with me stance than my Midwestern plain speaking. He has attitude! I love that about him, it’s so foreign to my culture.

    Like you Kells, I appreciate Trump because he “talks turkey” without all the PC crap. When did Americans learn to babble incessantly without ever saying a damn thing? The problem in US politics today IMHO is that a whole class of politicians feel they are the only ones smart enough, educated enough, right enough to lead this country. Kind of how I imagine more than one English King felt about us unwashed rabble a couple hundred years ago.

    My ancestors hated one King so much they got on boats & traveled to the wilderness just to have a little breathing room. I find myself wishing I could do the same, but SC was as far I could get!

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