Doll on a Music Box

One of my favourite shows growing up was Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. I was reminded of this show by M. posting a Debby Downer post to which I replied with an appropriate CCBB (Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang) song:

The beauty of the show is that you’ve got a car that can fly. Need I say more? Truly, I feel the show is, um, truly scrumptious, as is the lead, Sally, playing the part of Truly.

As a kid, I found the show so endearing in that it promoted hope and happiness to those willing to work to achieve it. Well, that and the car could swim and fly!!!

Okay, aside from the music being so friggin awesome, I think there’s something that Bond, James Bond, wants us to know………..that is; the boy who wrote the Bond novels (Ian Fleming) also wrote CCBB. I think he understood very well that the hero in life may very well be standing right before you and I.

Now I ask you, what kid didn’t love this show growin up? (Personally, my husband thanks CCBB as I now have two dressers dedicated to lingerie…….)

For your enjoyment, I thought you may dig the absurdity of the rulers of Vulgaria video as they are sure to make you smile, and realize the coincidence(I hope)of our current lawmakers in charge of this country…..who are bought and paid for by you, lobbyists, and corporations…. turning around and around and around…..


8 thoughts on “Doll on a Music Box

  1. The flip-side of a Car that flies is an economy that is crashing to the ground ….. *Shitty Shitty Bust Bust* the song of the Socialists and Crony Capitalists.

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