AGENDAS: The ‘Living Wage’ Lie

The Oil for Your Lamp

I am sick and tired of people complaining about not being able to earn a living wage.  That is a lie!  Anyone who is willing to work in this country can earn a living wage — even at minimum wage.  This means society does not owe them anything.  Those who are able-bodied and do not want to work do not deserve any support from society.  Leave them to their own resources.  This leaves us with those few, those very few who are truly without any means of supporting themselves.  They are the ones to whom society has a duty to help, and even then, only to a certain degree.  Now, if any of this offends you, tough: it just means that it is very likely you are on the wrong side of right where this issue is concerned.  But that is not entirely your fault.  It is by design.  The…

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One thought on “AGENDAS: The ‘Living Wage’ Lie

  1. CO is seeing the repercussions of the “living” wage. This is dawning of the Age of Entitlements, Age of Entitlements…..Entitlements! Entitlements! Harmony and understanding, sympathy and love abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, cuz we are your politicians…….Entitlements! Entitlements!

    Sorry…..had this 60’s song in my head, and I reckon you brought it there:

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