AGENDAS: The ‘Pro-Choice’ Lie

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Since we have the stories of the crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood in the news, and the clear evidence that Planned Parenthood and the government are working to squelch the release of this story are also in the news, it seems a perfect time for some more tough love.  This time, we are going to deal with the lie of ‘pro-choice.’  Abortion has nothing to do with a woman having control over her body.  It has everything to do with a demand to be excused from taking responsibility for one’s actions.  It is also about Moloch or Molech worship.  This is the Truth behind this issue, and anyone arguing otherwise is defending the right to murder unborn children — period!  A simple and honest examination of the issues no one wants you to see will reveal that I am correct.  If you doubt me, then keep reading. 

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5 thoughts on “AGENDAS: The ‘Pro-Choice’ Lie

  1. Joe,
    Thank you for articulating my opinion (belief) so forcefully!

    I do disagree with your presumption of acceptable abortion because of rape–a baby, however conceived, is a human being!

    I would like to have your permission to print and pass-on your post for review to a “Pro Choice”

    • EdwardS,

      YOu have my permission to use anything I write. I write to serve others — in whatever form that may take (pro or con).

      That said, I am torn on the case of rape. I do agree: the child is innocent. However, in the case of rape, so is the mother. This is where personal morality does have a voice. I would champion the mother who chooses to have such a baby, but I would not condemn the woman who chooses to abort it, either. There is no way to make a morally correct choice when dealing with two true innocents with opposing claims to their own lives.

      • I agree with you on Rape and also incest. But only up to 6-8 weeks though. The decision should be able to made in that time frame.

        • agreed. And these days, the U481 (or whatever it is called) pill can handle that before there even is a pregnancy. yes, still a form of abortion, but — at least in the case of rape (maybe incest) — it is even more defensible as the embryo has not yet implanted in the uterine wall. Thus, technically, there is no pregnancy (at that time). Still, we are dancing on the head of justifying immorality either way. The safest course is to have the child and give it up for adoption if you decide you cannot raise it with love.

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