Lying Liars Who Lie

It sounds pretty insignificant when Planned Parenthood’s advocates say that only 3% of PP’s “services” are abortions – but according to their own annual report for 2014, that 3% represented 327,653 aborted fetuses.

As an indication of order of magnitude, that 3% equates to a rate of 105 deaths per 100,000 population which would rank it #3 behind #1 heart disease and #2 cancer. It is also over 10 times the total deaths in automobile accidents per year and over 20 times the rate of death by firearms. Considered in total, abortion is over 450,000 annual deaths ahead of heart disease, making it the real #1 cause of death in the USA.

And this only represents the abortions done by Planned Parenthood. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a little over 1,000,000 abortions were forecast to be performed in the US in 2014, making PP, one single organization, responsible for almost a full third of all US abortions.

If you dig just a little deeper, the lie of 3% is revealed. On page 17 of their annual report, in footnote # 6, they define a “service” as a “discrete clinical action”, so the simple act of handing out a condom counts as a “service”. Digging even a little deeper, they report that they performed 10.6 million “discrete clinical actions” but only saw 2.7 million patients. They don’t disclose how many of those 2.7 million were men but I did see another source what said 8-9% of their patients are men and they do give condoms to and perform STD and HIV testing for men as well. Let’s say that 9% were men, so that leaves 2.5 million women – since they recorded 327,623 abortions, that’s 1 abortion for every 15 women who got “services” or 898 abortions per day for every day in 2014.

So to claim that the 3% is not significant is like claiming that there isn’t a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.

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