PROPHECY IN THE HEADLINES: The Two-Horned Beast Is Making An Image Of The Leopard-Bear-Lion Beast

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The Oil for Your Lamp

I understand that many of us believe that, in the end, a man will be possessed by Satan, and will cause people to be marked with the number 666.  That this man will stand on the Temple Mount and declare himself to be God.  That he will make a deal with Israel for a seven year peace, and that half way through that deal, he will break it and wage war against Israel.  Many believe the Church will be raptured before this seven year deal often called the Great Tribulation.  But, in recent years, I have come to understand that none of this is actually supported by Scripture.  Prophecy simply does not teach any of this.  It is the work of several men, starting with a Jesuit priest who was trying to stop the Protestant reformation.  Instead, I have come to understand that the ‘leopard-bear-lion’ beast in Revelation is a…

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