Dinner with Dad

Dad and Fly Boy brought up sports last night. I mentioned that I had read about this fella, Tim Tebow, getting a shot at being a QB of some team (I read sports, but I am not into this song and dance…..the Eagles, if I remember correctly?) My daughter-in-law was quite keen on all things Tebow, and gave me history.

Now I will say that I do not know if this boy is any good, but he seems to be very passionate about the game. He seems to be a leader…….to those teammates who will follow his lead. I read that the New Yorkers shunned the Florida boy. Just my opinion, but I feel this was a mistake. I didn’t know his record at the University of Florida, or with the Broncos, but he seems to love what he does, and he does seem to be a leader.

Whether or not this boy is being persecuted for his beliefs, I do not know. I do know that this southpaw loves this sport; this is obvious. I truly hope that the Eagles will play him. I may actually watch football (which has got to be the most boring, dragged-out sport ever created by man.) Help. Me. Now.

I found a cool video that defines his leadership qualities (pretty sure M. loaned him his playbook….)


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