A Pretty President

Oftentimes I wonder if Americans are so shallow that they will choose a person based on their appearance. I mean, look at Obama; he’s a good-looking, healthy, young man, so I just really don’t believe that a lot of Americans actually listen to what a candidate is saying. (Obviously, they didn’t with him…)

On the FB the other day, I posted a sign that was in an Amsterdam bathing area which read, “Dress for the body you have, not the body you imagine.” Now there was a girl who wrote me saying that if people don’t like what they see in her, they simply need not look. That is fair enough, but the fact of the matter is that when I see a 250-pound woman in a thong, it’s like watching porn; I cannot help but to look!

What was I on about? Oh, yes. I do believe that in American culture, youth and beauty seem to play a bigger role than a person’s knowledge. This is one reason why I feel the Democrats are in big trouble. C’mon, their two biggest candidates are an old lady who is a liar, and dresses like a dyke, and an old man who is a socialist, and appears as if he has just had a one night stand with a $20 hooker.

Now then, if my notions are correct, I reckon senator Rubio from FL will start rising in the polls after the first debate. (Yikes!) I hope that I am wrong, and that Americans have wizened up, (hope springs eternal…..) but the reality is that social media is faster than a speeding bullet, and these candidates are in a brave new world…

Well, I say we all just pop on our thongs, and hop on the crazy train; cause I believe we’re in for one helluva ride.

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