TRUTH: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Represent The Face Of Evil

EdwardS, You might want to read this one, my friend 😉

The Oil for Your Lamp

Before you assume that this post is meant to bash Barack or Hillary — STOP!  I did not say they are evil, I said they representthe face of evil.  What do I mean by that?  Well, this is not going to be easy for many of us to accept, but never the less, it is the Truth.  We — each of us — you and I — we are the evil they represent!  We live in a representative republic, where the people have elected Obama, who appointed Hillary to Secretary of State, and who was affirmed by the Senate, and who is now leading in the race for the nomination for the Democrat Party’s Presidential candidate of 2016.  This means, if the things these people represent are evil, then, as the elected representatives of this nation, they represent evil.  Clearly, this means we — the American People…

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