HOW DOUBLESPEAK WORKS: Obama Appears To Condemn Killing For Body Parts

The Oil for Your Lamp

I do not like it when others try to deceive people, and this definitely applies to me, too.  I despise hypocrisy, especially in myself.  Unfortunately, I am human, and though I try, I fail — often.  Still, I try to be honest with the people in my life, and this applies to those of you who read my blog.  So, when I find that I have posted something that is not accurate, or which is deceptive, I will edit it in a manner that leaves the original mistake while explaining the reason for the correction.  This is because  I believe deleting history is just another form of deception.  But there are other forms of deception, and ‘doublespeak‘ is one of the most insidious of these because it is always intentional – always.  Most times, people use doublespeak to say one thing while making the majority of their audience…

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