LESSONS IN LOGIC: The GOP Debate and What Christie, Trump and Huckabee REALLY Meant

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I watched the ‘debate,’ if I can call it that.  It seemed to me that it was more like an effort by FOX News to ‘shape’ public opinion about the candidates to fit the media’s preferred narrative of who they are and what they believe.  But leaving that for another time, I was struck by the way the audience responded to some of the exchanges in this debate.  Three times they cheered for a candidate who was advancing an immoral position.  Folks, forget the candidates.  If the people voting for them cannot recognize an immoral policy position when they hear it — or worse — if they actually cheer that immoral policy position, then it doesn’t matter who the candidates are: this nation is already lost.  In this case, I was struck by something Trump, Christie and Huckabee said that — if the audience were a moral audience — should…

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30 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: The GOP Debate and What Christie, Trump and Huckabee REALLY Meant

  1. This “debate” was co-sponsored by FOX and FaceBook ( which is Pro-Amnesty and unlimited HB-1 visas). And the format and questions mirrored that sponsorship.

    • FOX agreed to the sponsorship, so they agreed to the way the whole thing was put together. They are big enough to have said NO to FB, so I am not going to give them a pass on the way they handled the candidates. They looked and sounded a lot like CNN last night.

      • That’s what I meant to say…. FB/FOX acted in unison with what was obviously a FB agenda ( adopted by FOX).

          • BTW….. I have really been impressed with M Kelly’s take-down of Ayers and others. She has appeared to be thoughtful and intelligent.

            Last night I lost almost complete respect for her. Sellout ( revealed her self to be a RINO sell-out).

            Levin is correct….. FOX is continuing down the Progressive rabbit hole.

            • Don,

              FOX has always been a liberal source. It took me a while to figure it out, but they are still pushing leftist propaganda. The reason most people do not see it is because they know they have to be MUCH more sophisticated in the approach. Their audience not only thinks for itself, but listens to conservative media. So what works on the drones will not work on the FOX News audience. I think the same applies to Limbaugh (as you know).

              • I have thought long and hard on Limbaugh. Largely based on what you have highlighted.

                I have to disagree with you about him. But FOX spot on !!

                • Limbaugh does the same thing FOX is doing: he just does it better. Listen to the way he deals with Trump. He should be taking Trump out behind the woodshed, but he doesn’t — anymore than he does with the GOP leadership. They are not ‘conservatives’ and should have no part in the Party, yet RUsh deals with them just harshly enough to hide the fact that, by not drumming on these people 24/7, he is actually supporting them.

                  It’s the GOP 2-step on the radio: make a lot of noise, hold a few symbolic votes, but — in the end — the Democrat agenda prevails. No different in Congres than on Limbaugh’s show.

                  If you need more to see it, compare Limbaugh to Levin. Now LEVIN is on a warpath, and I’ll follow him. Not fo with Rush.

                • Case in point: Limbaugh is currently defending Trump on the radio (11:40 CST). If we are to believe Limbaugh when he says he seeks to advance conservatism (not the GOP), then how do we explain this? Easy: Limbaugh’s REAL purpose is to keep the conservative wing in the GOP and voting for the GOP establishment candidates.

                  It’s that, or this man really doesn’t have any agenda other than himself and his ‘conservatism’ is just the vehicle he uses to promote himself…

                  • I like Trump.

                    And further….case in MY point….. Trump is the only one who has said clearly he would consider going 3rd party. He’s said it twice now, the 2nd time in front of the “world” in the Debate….FIRST answer.

                    So …..; If Rush is “defending” Trump as you say. It is also with this in mind, and is directly opposed to the Rove-Bush camp. I don’t think the Limbaugh analysis is completely correct.

                    Also…..after listening to the sophmoric attempt by Beck and his Clowns this morning to Debase Trump and build up Rubio…… I am even more inclined to like Trump and appreciate Rush’s efforts.

                    • Then Hillary has already won. Sad part about that? It means Clinton is better at politics than Rush (unless I am actually correct and they are all part of the same cabal).

                    • Well….of course Beck is for Hillary…..he is best Buddies with Huffington and the CNN crowd !!

                    • Yep, I am well aware that even Beck’s actions seem to conflict with his words. But then, as you well know, Beck would not consider me to be one of his ‘friends or allies.’

                      As I have repeatedly pointed out, Beck suffers from the deceptions in his religion — plain and simple. This causes him to think he can ‘get along’ with the people who are causing the problems in our society. Worse, if you have been listening, he is actively seeking alliances with these people on what he calls ‘common ground.’ Bck thinks he can change these people. he can’t, but he is blind to this because of the teachings of his religion (man is god).

                      God told Israel NOT to mix with people who oppose Him. He said this was because they would drag Israel away from Him, and not the other way around. the best understanding of why God sent the flood was because the godly tribes started to intermarry with the decedents of Cain (ungodly). As a result, everyone but Noah turned to evil. Nothing has changed in the nature of man, but Beck seems to think he can change this. he is a fool.

                      So, yes, without realizing it, Beck DOES indirectly support Hillary — because he refuses to do the very thing I expect someone like Rush to do: he will not aim at those who are causing the troubles in our society and fire for effect (as in, to eliminate that opposition).

                    • BTW: I think Carson had the best line on that one: war is not politically correct (or was it someone else?).

                      HEY KELLS! If you read this, I still do not support Carson for President, but he earned my respect last night. I like the man, I just don’t think he is ready for the Presidency. My dream-team (at the moment) would be Cruz/Fiereno.

          • Continued from “Below” :

            You are of course correct about G Beck wrt his “religion” and how it has led him astray.

            But I submit he is ALSO led astray by his following false “secular ” idols as well….. MLK as a perfect example. MLK was a proven Marxist and an anarchist. Yet Beck persists not only in perpetuating the MLK-Myth…..but in trying to emulate it as well.

            • Don,

              He follows them because Mormons believe men will become gods, so, to Beck, these people are examples of how to become that god. His faith is works-based, so he thinks the ‘better’ a person appears to be, the better they are. This is why he ALWAYS falls short of saying what really needs to be said. He keeps telling us that the problem is beyond our ability to solve now, but then says our children will solve it. WRONG! GOD will solve this — and only God. But then, again, for Beck, that means people.

              Also, do not discount the possibility (likelihood?) that Beck thinks he is a prophet. That is another aspect of his religion, and could be why he makes such a big deal out of thinking he has been so accurate in his predictions. truth be told, he has done little more than report what OTHERS have told him off mike (he has said so, but that was years ago — before he started his current ‘religious trek’). On top of that, anyone who knows Bible prophecy could have (and have) predicted everything Beck has – and more.

              This is also why Beck does not see all the Biblical warning signs in the news: because his religion rejects the prophets and Revelation.

              • Perhaps I’m a bit off-based here. But reading from what you are saying……one could say perhaps that MLK with his Marxism etc was a false prophet perhaps ??

                • I’m actually torn over that one. A lot of Christians believe Acts supports socialism (it does not, but that is a deeper theological discussion). So I will be honest and admit that I have not studied MLK enough to have formed an informed opinion on this issue. Sorry.

                  • His speeches were written by high ranking members of the CPUSA ( communist party USA), and many were organized by them as well. His rhetoric threatened violence if “economic Justice” was not addressed “soon” in in words….in his last speeches.

                    • I am aware of those speeches, and yes, I would oppose them were he trying that route now. However, the PEOPLE of this nation — mostly whites, at that — saw the injustice in what was happening and responded before he tried that card, so…???

                  • So ????

                    So there is a bifurcation in intent, and as such there is a great Fraud being perpetrated and promoted. That “whites” rose to the challenge of racial hypocrisy in regards the intention of the Founding principles doesn’t negate their blindness to what is obvious fifth element Marxist action via MLK.

                    To continue to promote it as Myth now compounds the Evil. In fact I would posit this “false Prophet” aspect of the MLK myth has had profound deleterious affect on our Culture …. to the extent that we are have become almost paralyzed to act against what are clear signs of Cultural Marxism.

                    In stead of confronting obvious social dysfunction and targeted political bias, we have re-invented hucksterism in venues like Ferguson and Glenn Beck’s various “antics”.

                    • Funny, I thought I had been drawing the same conclusions as of late, or haven’t you noticed how often Beck is at the center of one of my posts — and not in a complimentary way? 🙂

                  • Yes I know about Beck. You have been excellent on his “evolution”.

                    But I am Specifically speaking about MLK and the fraud that he was……and the Fraud that continues to be thrust on American society based on his Myth.
                    That Myth needs to be confronted, spoken about loudly and de-bunked. America needs this to truly go back to Federalism and individual Natural Rights. Because what the MLK “religion” supports is the polar opposite. It is this MLK worship that is ultimately behind social division.

                    It is time for Smart men , good people to stand up and take down this False Idol.

                    • Don,

                      As I said: I cannot speak to MLK with an informed voice, so I don’t — not often, anyway. However, as for the issue of Natural Rights/Natural Law: you do know about my others blog, the Road to Concord — right? That is all I do there: Natural Rights/Natural Law. I am trying, and I am about to try a LOT harder — real soon 😉

                  • Becoming informed is what you are good at. Confronting hypocrisy and false messages is what you are also good at.

                    So …….

  2. After last Nite :

    I like Jindal and Carly Fiorina.

    Cruz, Trump, Walker and Rand Paul ( who I hadn’t so much before). Carson’s answers showed he has some promise ( but not as President, in a Cabinet position perhaps).

    Bush, Rubio, Christie showed what Progressive Frauds they are.

      • Paul’s comment on the Bill of Rights and the 4th anedment were spot on re: Christie. We have seen a Dearth of cogent comments on the fundamentals of our founding. Paul’s were good.

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