Let’s debate..

Unfortunately, I missed the earlier debate, but have watched some clips. Fiorina is surely well-spoken. For me, I really dug Carson. My husband liked Trump. I argued that I felt that he was out of his league, but my husband says to me, “Kelly, if we had a squatter on our property, which one of these boys would you call to remove him?” Off the top of my head, I chose Trump because he has a style which shuts offenders down. My husband says that is what makes a great leader.

Now then, I disagree with B. about Trump on the whole bankruptcy issue. I’m sorry, but any smart businessman will use the tax laws to their advantage. Trump has also stated in an interview that this is part of the problem.

Right now, I agree with M. that Cruz should be kept in the senate to fight, as should Rubio. Cruz was very good last night, as was Rubio since he is a great speaker…….unless he’s thirsty.

For me, it was Carson who ruled the roost. I find him to be spot on with so many issues. Let me play a recap of his closing statement…brilliant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9Y7tShHkp4

Just out of curiosity, who did y’all dig?

11 thoughts on “Let’s debate..

  1. Hi Kels,
    I don’t know your husband, but I think I love him & both my husband & I agree w/him about Trump.

    In the interest of full disclosure I should reveal a couple things–
    1. I moved to San Francisco in 1984 when transferred from my home in MN by my employer. Beautiful city, only moderately kooky at the time & no snow shovel needed. I remember walking down Montgomery St (the Wall St of the West) & marveling at the opportunity CA offered. It was also the most beautiful city/state I’d ever seen. At the time I was a Liberal Democrat, committed feminist, but never a socialist. The working class kid in me was intent on moving up although I had no I clue It was even possible to go from Fostercare to emancipated minor at 16 to starting my own company at 40. Definitely the ride of a lifetime!
    2. Over the years the SF illegal population exploded, but until 1993 I felt sorry for the illegal aliens-that’s what we called them then & it wasn’t politically incorrect to do so. SF had become a Sanctuary City in 1989 & I hadn’t paid the slightest attention. One beautiful ievening in February 1993 all that changed. It had been a beautiful spring day & I’d hit the gym, worked all day & the sun was just going down at about 6 pm when I arrived home to the nice suburb I lived in. It was so nice I decided to walk about a block to the grocery store. I was wearing a biz suit & heels.
    When I came out of the store I cut across the parking lot & headed down a dark area on the side of a nursery. As I walked I saw 2 Latino men hanging out by the side of the building. I wasn’t alarmed since illegals loitered there every day waiting to pick up gardening work from nursery customers. As I passed them I looked over at them & the hair on the back of my neck stood up & I knew I was in trouble.
    There were 2 men, one knife to my throat & I was lucky that when the cop found me laying on the ground in that in that parking lot I was alive. It could have been worse, a car came by before they could rape/kill me. Lucky, lucky girl.

    That night changed my life. I was never soft on illegals again & I never voted Democrat again & for the next 8 years I never went out alone at night. Ironic that I’d tackled life alone from the ago of 14, but that night changed me & not in a good way.

    Frankly I don’t care how Trump gets these invaders who have lied, cheated & stolen their way into my country out of here. He can jail them, water board them, dump them in the desert, build a wall to keep them out & shoot them if they cross it. I’d even volunteer to help round them up & put them on busses heading across the border. The US doesn’t need anymore criminals, uneducated laborers or freeloaders draining the taxpayers.

    Your husband is truly a wise man, he didn’t need to live in a Sanctuary City or be brutally attacked to understand the realities of the illegal invasion. Wish I could ay the same.

    • Holy crap. I thought I was something for having survived the earthquake, but that is nothing compared to having your life threatened up close and personal, for in a crisis of that nature, you have no free will. When you are bound by another, you have no control…You have an interesting history, Trapped. I agree with you that the Costa Rican is a wise boy…………I think I’ll keep him. Stole that line from a comedy sketch…..(Young Ones, I think?) I do find it a shame that such a beautiful city is going down the toilet. And it is.

      Speaking on the comedy sketch, the line was, “My mom, I think I’ll keep her.” Let me tell you, when I told silly Sally (my mom) that I was okay, and had survived an earthquake, she says to me, “Kelly, what are you talking about?” Immediately, that line popped into my brain…..

      • Makes so much sense that your husband & mine had the same response–get these illegal squatters off my damn lawn. My hubby was born in da Bronx, but his Mom was not-her jewish family had managed to get out of Germany but not into US yet. Seems like neither of our husbands absorbed any of the guilt SF lavished on natives….even really poor ones like I was.

        We lucked out in hubby sweepstakes!

  2. Illegals who have come here by first breaking the law are no more “Immigrants” than someone who breaks into your house is a “Guest”.

    I like Trump. I like Cruz. I like Fiorina. I like Walker. And Rand Paul was the only one who actually talked about the Bill of Rights.

    I like Trump and I like Cruz. Both are able to speak Truth to Evil. Both will address the ILLEGALS as illegals not as immigrants. None of the others will.

    Carson was Great, but is not ready for the top spot. Hopefully he will be willing to be part of a Conservative Turn-around Team.

    Since you didn’t ask about who we Didn’t dig…… save that for Later.

    • Well, I dug all the boys and girl (what I saw of her), but was disappointed by Christie’s exchange with Paul. The senator is correct. Get an effing warrant. It’s the law. Who disappointed you?

      • Who disappointed me? ….. alas to reveal their names would be to betray a trust to the fine ladies, and being a gentleman I couldn’t…..OH you mean the Progressive political Pundits on the FaceBook fete !

    • Immigrants don’t tend to bear much resemblance to illegals in my experience, at least until Obama started bringing in Muslim refugees paying resettlement agents by the head.

      Years ago in CA I volunteered to teach classes for entrepreneurs in CA. My advice for folks starting their own Biz was to pace themselves with an immigrant because they run faster than people born here. They’ve fled things most of us can’t even imagine -death, torture, famine & failure is not an option. If you’ve ever heard Rafael Cruz speak you understand why Ted rocks. Trump & Cruz are my faves.

      I don’t understand Rand Paul……too esoteric for me. Don’t trust Gang of 8 Rubio or I oppose illegals, but pass out instate tuition to draw more here Perry. As for Jeb, it probably would not be good for Jeb to get within slapping distance of me.

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