Rubio: Too Naive to be Prez

I know a lot of people like him, but I have real problems with Rubio.  First, I do not believe he has given up on amnesty — not for a minute.  That is enough to keep me from voting for him, but I found something else that, if it is true, makes Rubio to naive to be a Senator, let alone President.  From The American Thinker:

No, Senator Rubio: ‘Oppression’ is NOT a root cause of jihad

As we saw during the Arab Spring uprisings, choking off all peaceful and legitimate avenues for dissent coupled with unaccountable institutions fuels violent extremism and increases the likelihood of long-term instability.   As President Obama emphasized at the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit in February, “when people are oppressed, and human rights are denied…when dissent is silenced, it feeds violent extremism.”

Jihad has been around since Muhammad first discovered that is was the most effective way to spread his religion.  Like Liberal/Progressives today, Muhammad realized it was easiest to just let your followers keep 80% of what they steal from those who refuse to follow you.  Today, the modern ‘Muhammads’ use the tax code and entitlements, but Muhammad had a more direct approach: he gave his followers permission to kill the men of those tribes that refused to join Muhammad, have their wives, sell their children and keep 80% of whatever property they could find.  Muhammad got 20% for himself.  And this is the history of Jihad.  Our founders had to deal with it, and now we are.  It has not changed, and it has nothing to do with lack of economic opportunity and everything to do with the desire to have what does not belong to you.  It also helps that Muhammad made it an Islamic commandment — from Allah — to wage Jihad until there is only Islam on the face of the earth.  But I guess Rubio doesn’t know about that part, or, if he does, he thinks that is connected to money, too (idiot).

This is the equivalent of someone running for President in 1940 and claiming that the NAZIs were attacking their European allies because of economic oppression.  The problem is, that would have actually been closer to the truth than claiming Jihad is caused by economic depression.  But the truth is, Hitler attacked because he wanted to build a Third Reich.  The financial aspects did not concern him.  He was a lot like our modern Liberal/Progressives today: when Hitler’s economic advisers told him about Germany’s fiscal crisis in 1939 and 1940, he just told them to ‘handle it’ — like he just had to speak and things would resolve themselves.  This is the same kind of naive thinking that caused Chamberlain to wave his piece of paper and claim he had peace in his time.

Well, speaking only for me, I fear Rubio would be another Chamberlain, and that makes him too risky to support.



59 thoughts on “Rubio: Too Naive to be Prez

  1. Of course this boy is a RINO, and his voting record has proven it. At the same time, he is, and has always been, a very good speaker. I should like to know what you boys have against Carson…….I’m very fond of his line of thinking. Ponder his answers long and hard. Now I have to go to bed…..will have sweet dreams of Carson tonight. Just for you: ;

    • If it were not for his anti-Second Amendment past, he would have moved up into my top five. But I am sorry: I stand with Don on this issue. I cannot chance electing a man who will further limit our right to defend ourselves against tyranny.

  2. Coming here LATE or early depending on your perspective, preparing for Monday morning.

    But a few comments. Agree with B3A. However it’s not his naivite but his Crony Connections politics. He clearly stated on Hannity on Friday his Amnesty position….hasn’t changed one iota from the Gang of 8 Scam he was trafficking before. Plus he is a Co-sponsor of the I-squared scheme to INCREASE x 4 the Legal immigration of those with higher Degrees. This will KILL jobs for American Citizens ( our own Kids) with recent college degrees. Rubio is ALL about illegals and immigration….and ultimately he is about race, that’s the take away !

    The Comedian Jackie Mason also said Rubio sounded like a Robot….his answers sounded phony and not genuine. I have to agree on that account as well. Rubio is also a Jeb Bush protege. They are calculating his presence to “bring in the Hispanic” vote……. the mantra of the Bush -Rove-Romney election dystopia train.

    • Actually, he is logical in his opinion. How much to round folks up, and send them to a place they do not know? Better to let them work as “guests”, pay back taxes, then get in line to become legalized.

      As to his reference of Paul and Christie, I agreed that they were disruptive….they both looked like asses out of control……Paul should know that you cannot reason with a liberal; they’re retarded.

      What strikes me about Carson is that he is a quick learner, and I do believe him to be more conservative than the credit you lack doling out to him.

      Haven’t heard anything of this vaccine brouhaha, but statistically, it is better to go with em than without. Here’s a great video:

      • Yeah, break our laws, it’s OK. Give us a little money and we’ll just pretend like it never happened.

        But then, how do you turn around expect me to believe you support the Constitution and rule of law?

        OH! My bad. I forgot. Your Progressive RINOs. Sorry, I understand. The rules do not apply to your ‘tribe,’ only to your opponents.

        • Here is a cartoon. Since Liberals seem to operate on cartoon level these days this may be a way to get the point across.

          The Rainbow Children and Open Border Diversity.

          • Stop ALL government services — period!

            Put ANYONE caught employing an illegal in jail and confiscate ALL their property and financial assets. If they work for a corporation, but the ENTIRE board and corporate leadership in jail, confiscate their personal assets, liquidate the company, stockholders lose everything, sale of assets goes to pay off national debt.

            Problem solved. They will deport themselves.

      • Actually, he is not logical in his opinion.

        Unfortunately, the politician will never make them pay back taxes, fines or whatever and will allow them to go on benefits paid for by the rest of us. Secondly, the big issue is cultural not economic. It’s selling the real American Citizen out to create the progressive idea of Utopia that ultimately turns the USA into a crap hole like the country they came from. They are just importing them to change re-districting and red states into blue states. Look at the big picture. Bunch of progressive lights driving the nation further and further left.

        When I hear the following from one of them I may change my mind:

        “If I am elected President I will instruct the DOJ and DHS to issue fines to any one caught hiring an illegal alien/undocumented worker $10,000 per day per employee. From maid service to meat processing plants to yard service. This will include individuals as well as businesses.”

        Just think what the results would be after thousands of home owners had to pay a $10K fines.

        Problem solved and no fence even required.

      • WOW.

        You just argued FOR forcing Vaccinations, AMNESTY and against Rand Paul who was arguing to defend your 4th amendment rights.

        Stunning. I would say maybe you might be a “plant” on a Conservative Blog Site… a Liberal Masquerading as a Conservative….ie, a “Liberal-tarian”

          • Her comment kinda said it all huh?

            Don’t believe in Borders, in following the law, in the 4th amendment, by supporting Carson don’t support the 2nd amendment and oh yeah….Forcing vaccines on folks with out their consent sounds like a good idea.

            Astounding really …… many of the fundamental positions that define Totalitarianism !!

              • And sadly you two are fiscal retards with no true plan, and have obviously not been listening to Carson or Trump. I tell you what, since you’re both such genius conservatives, you tell me how you’re gonna gather
                11+ illegal aliens. This I wanna hear, cause I realise you’re both so mother-friggin brilliant!

                • No, sweet-cheeks, you’re the fiscal retard. What you advocate will finish off this nation by inviting as many more illegals to flood in before you shut off the spicket as can make it.

                  As for how to handle them, see my prvious answer. It will work — mostly because it has in the past. No one bothered to report this in the govt. controlled propaganda ministry, but when the U.S. had its economic collapse a few years back, MILLIONS of illegals went back home because there was no work for them.

                  So stop with this idiocy about how it can’t be done. That’s more liberal clap-trap.

                  • For someone who touts his Christianity, I find you greatly lacking in compassion. Carson, on the other hand, is wise in knowing that some (whether knowing or not), have only been familiar with the US. Surely you must understand the predicament of some of these people.

                    Let me tell you, I know a boy who did not even realize he was an illegal (his green card had expired) when he was hospitalized. He has since become a bit of a scientific anomaly, and so I suppose that is why no one reports him.
                    Perhaps it is too difficult to gain citizenship? With my Russian friend it was quite a long time.

                    See here, silly B., there is no possible way to hunt down every illegal, and it is fiscally dumb to spend the money to hunt down and send back any we can find. It is far more wise to have them on a registered guest work program (can’t vote), and get in the back of the line for citizenship. I suppose you would want their first born, and some blood (A-), but I’m Lutheran, and we keep our eggs sunny-side up…

                    • The Scriptures teach us to care for individuals as individualks, but they also teach that — as a nation — we are to obey those laws that are just and in conformity with God’s law. Now, if you would bother to READ those Scriptures, you will find that God specifically condemns people who ‘move borders.’ This is clear evidence that God respects borders, and thus, He expects us to do so, as well.

                      So let me tell you — STOP PERVERTING GOD’S LAWS!

                    • And you stop being a buttthole surfer. You and silly Don go on and on with these wonderdul platitudes that need to be fulfilled, yet; you both seem completely blind to reason in how to conquer them. God forbid you listen to a billionaire or a brain surgeon…. help me now…….

                    • No, I am not the one of the short Trump-bus here. I am looking to his long and illustrative history and you have your head in the sand — as usual.

                • Joe and Chhelo said what must and should be done.

                  Simply put….Enforce the Law.
                  E-verify, hire ONLY United States Citizens and Legal Immigrants period ! Fine Employers who hire Illegals, $ 10,000 dollars a day per Illegal. Jail every Illegal found with a stolen ID and charge them with a Penalty. Charge their host countries for their Jail costs and HealthCare Costs.

                  STOP ALL entitlement payments. Use Technology to identify and prosecute any Illegal involved in a Civil disturbance designed to thwart the implementation of these changes

                  Close the Border entirely. Do as the Us did through MOST of its History, enact a Hiatus on immigration to assimilate those who already HAVE come here LEGALLY.

                  Give the Local Police, State Police the authority to do their jobs.

                  When the money dries up and the prosecutions start, many many will self deport.

      • And secondly Kells,

        What law/Laws are the rest of us allowed to break and get away with…..and even get Taxpayer handouts when we do ??

        In addition to what Joe and Chhelo have said…..your and the Amnesty Fraud Rubio’s position is promoting increased lawlessness, and in fact Rewarding it…..and thus advocating for an increase in the shredding of the Constitution.

        • Our president breaks em every day, baby. The reality is like what Carson spoke on; the spigot must be turned off and the borders must be closed. Sheesh! Did you boys not hear him?

          • OK by your evolving “logic” The Illegals are allowed to break the Law… and Obama is allowed to break the law. And I’ll add the Congress and Supreme Court and Hillary are allowed to break the Law…..

            So I ask you again what laws are the rest of us….who are NOT Illegal, the Prez, The Congress, the Judicial system or the unelected part of the Executive, what law or laws are we allowed to Break ?????

            After all it’s about being Fair and compassionate right ?

  3. And with respect to Carson.

    He has proven himself to be willfully ignorant of the 2nd Amendment ( and only changed his tune when the heat got too much). BUT …..

    His apparent disregard for the Bill of Rights doesn’t stop there. On the Hugh Hewitt show he said Rand Paul was the most Uncivil Candidate on the dias, specifically WRT Christie. Now Rand was defending ALL of our rights under the 4th Amendment….which Christie was basically trashing. I’m sorry, Carson doesn’t seem to get the Bill of Rights and that it needs to be STRONGLY defended against the Tyranny of folks like Obama and Christie…… I appaud and have great respect for Rand Pauls take-down of Christie.

    Finally Carsons call for taking away people’s informed consent for vaccines is beyond the pale and a mirror image of the Fascist politics of the progressives in Calif.

    Carson with these 3 positions SHOWS he has no understanding of not respect for Individual Liberties !

  4. Joe, I agree with your original comments about McCain’s Little Boy, Marko.

    Don, you and I are trotting together on the same path with your words in this post.

    Although I originally was “All In” for Dr Carson, am following his stated opinions with determined interest,
    have I been missing his second amendment remarks?

    Am still defending Carly’s original stand on the HP departure and total agreement with her remarks
    on the current debate process.

    Good subject, Joe. Lets discuss each candidate. Am interested to expose all statements?

    • Edward,

      Carson said in many venues that he “has a problem with folks owning automatic weapons in a City….it the Countryside is OK”.

      There are videos of him saying it. I will try and put up one for you latter. They have been up here at TRNL before.

      I definitely don’t want a candidate who is that ignorant of the true meaning of the Amendment and has such strong “opinions” against it. It is not up to our elected officials to “definitely have problems with” any of the Bill of Rights.

      Carson advocating for forcing vaccinations is a clear non-starter for me too, As he argued in favor of bypassing “informed Consent”. He is fundamentally NOT for Individual Liberty with at least these three positions. But he was ( is) a progressive… Joe has highlighted .

  5. Don,
    Am still in doubt about your opinion of Dr Carson. Having read his first two books, am convinced that
    he is a reputable, ethical and honest person. Will continue to read all his current statements.

    If Dr Carson and Carly are definite no-goes, who are a couple of your definite goes?

    • EdwardS,

      I like Cruz (for now). I could tolerate Paul, but he lacks the key to understanding the source of the liberty he claims to champion (namely God). The rest of them… Well, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, then — at one point or another — we must admit the rest have made statements or advanced policies that we have all condemned in the Left when they did it. To ignore this now is to admit we just want to win first, then we’ll worry about actually keeping our promises or even helping the nation.

      Now, maybe it is just me, but I think that is the very sort of thinking that got us in this mess, so how in the bloody blazes is it supposed to get us out of it? 😦

    • If you are going to depend on only his current statements then any candidate will do because whatever they say this week will overshadow what is said last week and on and on. The point is their understanding of and adherence to Constitutional principles.

      Carson’s honestly and reputation as a Physician are not in question. Can we assume you have no problem with taking away people’s “informed Consent” regarding vaccines ? That issue alone shows no understanding of and no respect for the most basic of Individual Liberties…… How does one “evolve” from such a position ??

      • May I add that, even if they change positions, if they cannot give you a firm and immediate explanation of where, when and why they changed their position, you should assume they haven’t changed and are just pandering for votes. Trust me, if you have been anti-gun for years (as Carson has), and you suddenly change your mind, you know how, when and why that happened. If you cannot give that response NOW, and you stammer for an answer, you are over in my book. It may not be ‘fair,’ but I have been lied to far too many times to take any chances — especially when I have many other candidates to look at.

    • Here is a RECENT Statement ( Feb 2015 ) from Carson on the Vaccines and “informed consent” issue:

      “.. Although I strongly believe in individual rights and the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, I also recognize that public health and public safety are extremely important in our society. Certain communicable diseases have been largely eradicated by immunization policies in this country. We should not allow those diseases to return by forgoing safety immunization programs for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate these diseases.”

  6. Excellent points, guys! Both of your statements have awakened something in my memory that
    is sending caution signals to my intellect!

    Have to go back and re-read Dr Carson’s memoirs again–there is something I have missed that
    is now troubling me?

  7. Joe,
    Should have read your post on the difference between a socialist and a democrat before my last entry!

    Judge Napolitano’s book “Theodore and Woodrow” came screaming back in my synapsis. Have to agree
    with you on this one.

    Have always held a reserve about Beck, but now my caution is being overwhelmed by what I am remembering and what is being presented.

    Maybe I should allow my paranoia to express my thinking on this subject?

    • Edward,

      IMHO it is always best to go with your Paranoia. Me and my paranoia have been at least as close as me and my shadow to paraphrase Al Jolson.

      Keep it close. At least you will know where it it is right …. ;- )).

    • EdwardS,

      I have the Judges book sitting on my desk 🙂

      As for Beck: let me see if I can articulate something that might help. When it comes to history, he is one of the best (but then, he has a great team behind him). The problem is that he cannot see the connections. He may be able to predict things, like the coming economic crash, but this is usually because he is repeating things that others have explained to him. I think he has forgotten this and has now started crediting himself for a little too much. Long-time listeners will know that his economic predictions come from other economists — he said so (years ago).

      But even when Beck does his own reading, he forgets far too much. But then, this could be where I am different. I remember things most people forget, and it helps me make the connections I see that most people do not. With as much research as Beck has done, he should have been seeing the connections I have been seeing for some two years now. But if he is, he has not said one word about it. That bothers me as it indicates he has either lost his edge, or he has started to ‘go Limbaugh’ on us. Either event is not a service to his audience.

      The one thing I cannot shake with Beck is the feeling that his religion is blinding him, but I understand that many people do not want to even entertain such discussions these days. It’s too bad because I think this is the area where most people would find that little something that bugs them about Beck: lurking in his religious world-view.

  8. Don,
    I knew you would see it my way!

    Have to agree with you on Beck, but I am still accepting Don’s paranoia theory, which will keep me
    up this weekend rummaging through all my History files, reinvigorating my memory.

    I liked Al Jolson, even if he was a terrible singer, but he matched the times and the music.

    • EdwardS,

      Brother, I share in your paranoia, only I no longer think its as much paranoia as it is prudent precaution. I can show you plenty of evidence that they are ‘out to get us.’ So are you paranoid when they are saying they want to ‘get you,’ or justified in being hyper alert in response to their threats? 🙂

  9. Don,
    This period of Jolson before my time, but still think he was a terrible singer. Could have been the
    recording process and the music? I could name a number of singers, Bing, even George Burns
    had a swooning melody?

    • Wanna try bad…..try Elsie Janis.. Ha !

      It’s all before my time too, I just find it all interesting to hear what they were listening to.

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