Saint Mike

There is a legal term for what is happening in Ferguson. It is called the subornation of perjury – convincing someone to commit perjury – to swear a false oath. The original sin was the lie that Michael Brown was a gentle giant, just out cheerfully spreading the Word of God and generally helping the helpless when he was happened upon by a racist white cop with a taste for a little dark meat on the opening day of bro-hunting season.

But a year later, 365 days of worth of lies has been sewn into a hagiographic death shroud covering little six foot two, three hundred pound Mikie and the reality of what the grand jury determined was the real story. Even a racially motivated and politicized Holder led DOJ could do little more than issue a couple of hand slaps for the contrived “racism” they found. I guess if Obama had a thuggish son headed for hard time, he would have looked like Mike Brown.

Anyway, if Baltimore has as much to gain from the DOJ taking over their policing in the same successful way it has fixed the Ferguson PD, they better get ready for the celebration of Saint Freddie’s Day.

The Ferguson #blacklivesmatter chapter is the racial equivalent of birthers and 9/11 truthers. Truth doesn’t matter, only the hagiography matters because it makes them the righteous ones. It makes them the noble underdogs, modern Don Quixotes tilting at the Great White Windmill. It validates their feelings of being downtrodden second class citizens – but no amount of hagiographical redress and appeal to a government or society can get people from second class to first…but it can send you to down to steerage.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (from bottom to top – physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, self-actualization) is real. It represents a pyramid that people can only climb up only one step at a time – and one cannot move to the next higher level until ALL aspects of the prior level are satisfied. I’ve personally never known a situation where petitioning a government has moved people up the ladder. It can hold people at the first two levels of physiological and safety needs but it cannot give people a golden ticket to the top three. Only the individual can make that jump.

While only one step at a time is possible in the climb up, people can certainly fall multiple steps in one fell swoop. I have seen how the withdrawal of government support can –and does – send people all the way down to the base of the pyramid, to the most basic of needs.

There is no salvation for the people of Ferguson to be found in Saint Mike.

4 thoughts on “Saint Mike

  1. I am going to say “Hail Mary” on this post !!

    Tightly written Truth which says it all !

    My truncated version…… # BlackLives Matter really = # Black Crime Matters !

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