TRUTH: Everything You Think You Know About Social Security Is Probably A Lie

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I have noticed an increase in Face Book posts from people claiming they have a ‘right’ to their Social Security.  They claim that the money they paid in is theirs and they deserve to get it back.  many even believe their money is in an account with their name on it.  I have made several comments to these people in which I have tried to explain to them that they have been lied to, but rather than ask me for more information, the majority of them attack me.  I guess they believe that they can make something true by screaming loud enough and long enough.  That didn’t work for me when I was a child and, whether these good folks understand this or not, it isn’t going to work for them, either.  Social Security is going to fail because it must fail.  It is Socialism, pure and simple, and Socialism…

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5 thoughts on “TRUTH: Everything You Think You Know About Social Security Is Probably A Lie

  1. Since we’re addressing Modern Myths, another good title would be”

    TRUTH : Most things you think you know about MLK is Probably a Lie.

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