A LITTLE HISTORY: Teddy Roosevelt, Donald Trump and Country-Club Blue-Bloods

The Oil for Your Lamp

What do Teddy Roosevelt, Donald Trump, Limbaugh’s ‘Country-Club, Blue-Blood, Republicans and the Liberal/Progressive Left have in common?  You just might be surprised to find out that they all support the same basic political ideology.  I know, if you are a Trump Supporter or a die-hard Republican, you might find it hard to accept that you actually have more in common with the Democrat Party than our founding fathers, but its true.  Now, don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m just trying to share a little history with you, that’s all.  So, if you’ll give me a few moments of your time, I’ll walk you though a quick little history lesson that will put you on the path to proving to yourself that many of us are actually closer to the people we think we oppose than tot he people we claim to support.

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One thought on “A LITTLE HISTORY: Teddy Roosevelt, Donald Trump and Country-Club Blue-Bloods

  1. Don’t get down on Teddy now. He did run up that hill…..and he liked the Winchester 1873 ….or the 1894 can never remember.

    And liking the Winchester has to count for something. BTW apparently Carson was an ROTC crack Shot…..though prolly not with an 1873 or 1894.

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