GLENN BECK: It IS About Islam

The Oil for Your Lamp

Today is Thursday, August 13, 2015.  At about 0840, CST, on his radio show, Glenn Beck joined the party where it comes to teaching the truth about Islam.  Unfortunately, as is usual when it comes to Spiritual matters, Beck missed the mark.  It’s true, he is in the ballpark, but he is still outside the stadium in the area under the bleachers.  He can hear and feel the game, but he can’t quite see it because he has embraced a false set of teachings.  These teachings lead him to believe that men can save themselves.  That is a Spiritual lie.  If we could save ourselves, we would have no need of a Savior.  God would have left us under the Law of Moses.  But that is a topic for another subject.  The point at hand is that you understand that Beck has finally found the truth about Islam, but —…

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