Thoughts on Illegal Immigrants ~

For a few days I have been debating the immigration issue with B. and Don. Basically, they say that we should send all the illegals to Mexico because they are here illegally. I’d like to ask them just a few questions related to the cost/benefit ratio of their idea as opposed to Carson’s idea.

First of all, we have 11 million (probably more) illegal immigrants in this country. Let’s be logical about this. Who is gonna pay to find and round up these millions? Taxpayers. How much will the manpower cost? When we find them, who is gonna pay to transport them to Mexico? Taxpayers. How much will the transportation cost? Will we get a crapload of school busses to carry them on their merry way? How much in gas?

Finally, if we get them back to Mexico, what are they gonna do? Ding! You’ve won the golden ticket, Charlie! Their asses are gonna be back here faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. In other words, it is akin to Obama’s funding of green energy, i.e., taxpayer dollars put to waste.

As Trump says, you must first seal the border. Carson is right in having illegals sign up as guest workers paying taxes, (now they are accounted for) and get in back of the line for legal immigration status. They would not be able to vote, and entitlements would be cut off. The latter, in and of itself, may have illegals fleeing this country. I do not understand how you boys cannot see the logic in this. It is compassionate, fair, and fiscally sound.




60 thoughts on “Thoughts on Illegal Immigrants ~

  1. As usual, you set up straw men, then jump right into reductio and, after stirring the pot, you step back and act as though you have done something that places you on the high ground. Well, also as usual, you missed the mark — again.

    First, neither Don nor I said to ‘send them back to Mexico.’ At least be honest with people about what we said.

    Don said to handle the problem by fining people who employ illegals — all illegals, no matter what their nationality.

    I said we should jail anyone hiring or renting to illegals, as well as confiscate their property and wealth. I also included corporations in this: jail the entire board and take the entire corporation and all its wealth, assets, and holdings.

    In both cases — mine and Don’s — the illegals will self-deport. If they cannot find work, they will go home. This was demonstrated when the economy crashed a few years back. They discovered many illegals returned to their Central and South American countries of origin because they could not find work here.

    So, ‘ding!’ No jobs means they won’t bother to cross the border — especially if we end welfare and all other benefits to illegals. If you cannot find a place to live or make a living, you are not going to invade that nation.

    See, problem solved without any tax payer money required — except that necessary to prosecute and jail those who violate the laws I have suggested.

      • I gave you one that is cost effective, legal, well within Natural Law and humane. You ignored it and wrote a post designed to make it sound like I am the very caricature of the Left’s TEA Party straw man. So you’re darn-skippy I’m gonna jump down your throat.

      • Even though you have been horrible to me….and haven’t apologized to ME….. Nevertheless, Trump is going to be on the ( listen) button coming up on his last hour. Right now that is 41 minutes away.

        • Don, I do not think I have been horrible to either of you boys, but you have belittled me, and called me names. B. cannot deny that, as he keeps on and on about how I’m a liberal. When a person says retarded things like that, I will fight back.

          While I want to strangle you both at times, at the same time I’m very fond of everyone here. If you feel that I have been horrible to you, I shall apologize. The reality is that you both were total jerkasaureses to me.

          • No, I wasn’t. Had I been a ‘total jerk,’ you would be feeling like Melfamy right now. All I have been doing is pointing out that:

            1– You do not listen

            2 — You do not learn

            3 — Your positions are the same as many of the Left

            4 — taken together, this means you look like, sound like, walk like, quack like a LEFTIST, so I am calling you a LEFTIST!

            Now, if that hurts, tough. It does not mean it is not true, it just means someone actually cared enough to be honest with you. (hint: THAT is what Christ meant when He told us to agape each other — to be honest and to help correct and build up and to watch over those who may be making mistakes, but NOT to just make it easier and more comfortable as they walk the path to destruction).

            • Oh, brother! Here you go again. Let me help you out here…

              1 – My hearing is rather fried in the right ear, but I hear very soundly.

              2 – I learn every day cause I like to read, and listen to what the candidates say.

              3 – I highly doubt folks on the left would agree with my views (which is exactly why they have banned me on the FB) Boo-hoo!

              4 – If you’re calling me a leftist, I’m calling you a narcissistic jerkasaures!

              If that hurts, I apologize. Let’s talk about truth, baby: Daniel 10:21 But I will tell you what is inscribed in the book of truth: there is none who contends by my side against these except Michael, your prince.

              • Daniel 10:21 But I will tell you what is inscribed in the book of truth: there is none who contends by my side against these except Michael, your prince.

                Like I said: you do not listen or learn, and you pretend as though you do.

                That passage is from an angel, from context, most likely a per-incarnate Christ, and it is talking about the Spiritual rulers of Israel (i.e. Christ and Michael) and the demonic princes who rule over Babylon, Persia, Greece and, in the far future, the last kingdom which will war against God’s people (most likely Islam). Why you are citing it is beyond me, because it is totally out of context with our discussion. But then, that is why I say you do not listen or learn, yet you assume you do both. Try this Scripture instead:

                2 Timothy 3:7

                7 always learning and never able to come to the [a]knowledge of the truth.

          • You argue Liberal positions and use Liberal Talking points and the Liberal’Progressive altered Language.

            Wotz a fella to think.

            • I talk the way I talk. Period, Speaking of which, you don’t have to go through that song and dance now, do you? Please quit whining until you bleed monthly, and pop a baby from your penis. You and B. have got to be the most childish boys on the planet! I know this as I’m around kids a lot. I love kids. I love you two nutters, but you need to come to terms with the fact that we’re on the same side.

  2. ” For a few days I have been debating the immigration issue with B. and Don. Basically, they say that we should send all the illegals to Mexico because they are here illegally ”

    This is a complete and utter lie: You start with a Lie and what follows becomes nothing but a bigger lie and Hate speech.

    Which is EXACTLY what the Liberals and their press do. Daily you prove that you are not a Conservative. And if you call yourself a “Libertarian”…..then you prove once again what Libertarians really are ie,

    ” Liberal-Tarians”.

  3. Oh and BTW…. If you are here in the US Illegally… are not by definition an “immigrant”. You are an Alien who has entered illegally.

    In spite of the War on Words that the Progressive media has pushed.

  4. Solution is simple: Remove the reason they came here illegally and they will want to leave immediately. Make the penalty for getting caught forfeiture of assets to pay for deportation and they will leave voluntarily, no need for deportation. Items to be removed: Democrat Party, businesses knowingly hiring illegals, criminals importing illegals, Sanctuary city officials who voter for and support illegals, etc. You get the idea.

  5. Kels,
    I’m the one who said “send them back to Mexico” & after 30 years in CA I have some opinions—
    Let’s talk numbers first. FAIR, Numbers USA & other anti illegal groups estimate there are a minimum of 30 million illegals just in CA. It’s hard to know of course, but I’ve seen as many as a dozen living in one garage in Oakland, CA. I’m talking just the hispanic illegals, not Asian, African or Middle Eastern. You can actually make a lot of $ in CA renting out your garage to illegals to live in. One light & one toilet/sink is all that’s required. We owned a huge old house in Oakland for 13 years & were approached many times to see if we wanted to let some illegals live in our attic. Mucho Dinero, the jeffe told us.

    Rounding them up-
    —Start at Home Depot, Lowes, Any nursery where they gather to look for day labor. Most Sanctuary cities denote a Labor Zone where the illegals gather & it’s quite easy to pick them up. Actually, I have an old pickup & when I drove the truck the illegals would yell-wave their arms & jump in front of me as I drove down that road. They are hit on a regular basis. SOME of them are on Meth so that makes them act somewhat crazier as well.
    —Welfare Office—I wish I could remember the percentage of illegals on at least one Welfare program in CA, but it’s over 50%, I know that much.
    —At the polls on Election Day-yes, Virginia illegals do vote. Sometimes they are bussed in so look for the bus
    —Clinics & ER Rooms-know a contractor in CA who paid for Kaiser Ins for all his illegal workers, but they still went to ER because they would not pay the co-pay. We have taught them well that it is our job to pay for everything for them.
    —Any Catholic Church or Catholic Charity-no comment, I used to be one of this bunch!
    —La Raza Meetings
    —SEIU Meetings, Demonstrations

    —Welfare to Work People-
    —recovering Catholics-
    —Students who can’t find summer work-
    maybe even some At Risk Youth groups like CA Conservation Corps, but I think we’d get enough volunteers & we don’t have a strict time limit since its going to take time to secure the border–which we still haven’t been able to do after 30 long years.
    —Overworked CA DMV workers-they’d have extra time if they didn’t have to process 30 million illegals for driver licenses.

    —Donations-I would donate to this in a heartbeat & I’m not the only one
    —Stop Foreign Aid to many hostile nations, use $ for Illegal Relocation
    —Since CA just gave Obamacare to all illegals that would sending them home would save us a bunch

    Back to Mexico-
    Once they are back in Mexico they can go to work at that new plant that Ford is building down there. It’s the largest plant Ford has ever built & it was originally planned for a southern state in the US, (TN, I think) but as Trump pointed out they decided to build in Mexico instead. At this point, Mexico is doing better than the US, Trump said it best “Mexico is eating our lunch.” Thinking that Mexico is as poor as it used to be is a fallacy, the problem is that the corrupt elites in the Mexican Govt keep everyone else under their thumb. Instead of running into our country, the Mexican people need to unleash some Spirt of 76 on them & that’s not bad advice for any country with corrupt leaders.

  6. Here is a site which lists the Victims of the loving Illegal Aliens who broke the law to come spread their love as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio tell us constantly. These are just the collateral damage that we are just supposed to accept as part of the cost of having all these loving illegals here.

    • Now Rubio has pushed for e-verify, but I believe Trump, Carson, and Cruz have a better handle on immigration than those two boys. I really feel like Americans are ready to pull a Don Corleone, and whack the politicians in the race….

      Let me tell you, I watched an interview with Trump on the Hannity show, and he said some very logical things. The only issue I had was his flat-out denial of desiring a Fair Tax. I will agree with him that the tax code must be simplified, but I do not understand why he feels that the wealthy must be made to pay more. Carson is much stronger on this issue, imo.

      As far as ISIS and the economy, I believe he and Carson are spot on. Oh, and this war on women is absolute crap. Total and obvious smear campaign from the left; same with this BS BLM movement that disrupted the meek, old socialist…………what a leader that one would be…….sheesh, as great as the one being investigated by the FBI……

      • HUH!? Trump pulled an Obama on that interview: he spoke in VERY broad generalities, saying ‘I will” a lot, but never once laying out a single policy for how he would actually do it.

        People who support Trump are Right-wing Obozo drones. They are the same person only opposites (different color skin/Party/etc, but same ideas and techniques). We’ll get the same results, too.

        Doesn’t ANYBODY remember Teddy vs Woodrow anymore?

        • Then I am a ” Right-wing Obozo Drone”.

          As you and Utah have said repeatedly ….. look behind the obvious. At this stage, that’s where I’m looking. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          • Don,

            You’re supporting Trump? Tell me I read that wrong. You’re too smart to fall for his game. That man is every bit as much the authoritarian as Obama — and probably just as much a Democrat, too.

                • It’s OK though because at this point They would be calling me “Stupid” on the various liberal sites.

                  • Yeah, well, consider the source. 🙂

                    Don, i know you are anything but stupid. You have your reasons, that I am sure of, but I hope you will come to a more…purposeful decision as time gets closer to the vote 🙂

                • And you realize I hope that your ” Disney” metaphor could also apply as you looking in the mirror. ?

                  Sometimes someone is indeed pretty much the Duck that they say they are.

                    • I meant that the “Duck” that Donald the Trump may be, is exactly who he says he is.

                    • Don, seriously, that is what scares me. What do we call a person who is very nationalist, very authoritarian and has no problem with a cozy business-government relationship? The man who coined the term I am thinking of said it is technically called ‘corporatism,’ but he used a different term to describe it. Donald fits the bill to a ‘T.’ That is what is bothering me.

                    • Trump sees opportunities and senses deals. No doubt about that. Because he is a “reader”, and he has read the tenor closely.

                      But to quote Walt Whitman… ” Do I contradict myself ? Very well then I contradict myself…. I am Large I contain Multitudes”. Fellow New Yorker , Trump contains more then mere appearance. And there are many ways to ‘work a deal’. Including be a facilitator. People are focusing on the “Closer”. But Trump knows BOTH are vital.

                      And that’s all I’m going to say about that now. See my last comment to Trapped 19:54.

      • Well Kells…..Did you bother to look at the List of Victims and do at least some justice to their memories …..some witness to their ( AVOIDABLE ) tragedies ??

  7. Here is the OTHER side supporting Illegals. Kells has given the Liberal view, basically advocating lawlessness and calling people who don’t agree Haters ( In more or less words). If we don’t agree that lawlessness just isn’t “practical”…..and America has to look the other way at Illegal lawbreakers in order to be “reasonable”

    Newspeak : Being Lawless = being Practical and rational.

    Here is the Establishment Kasich supporting the illegals and thus supporting breaking the law. This is the view of MOST of the current GOP….. Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, R Paul …–gop_2016-kasich-5dfd1340f1.html

    ” Republican presidential candidate John Kasich defended millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally as “people who are contributing significantly” to the nation ”

    So Kasich represents the Establishment GOP whose plank is defending illegals, instead of defending Americans and defending the Constitution and defending our Laws.

  8. B has it right, the only way to stop it is to “I said we should jail anyone hiring or renting to illegals, ” If they can’t make money or get free shit from the govt, they will stay home.

  9. I think Trump is hard to understand as a politician for many people. He’s bombastic, shoots from the hip & is a great promoter, but I don’t doubt his ability to produce results. Although I’m flattered that Don thinks I should run on the Trump ticket I’m putting my $ (literally)on Cruz running with him. I think everyone here would agree Cruz is a conservative & a Republican…right?
    Our economy is on life support & the next administration has to throw us a lifeline or the US standard of living is going to continue to tank. Trump can do that for us & I think they’d each bring something vital to the table.
    As to whether Trump is a Dem or a Republican frankly I don’t give a damn. My loyalty is to my country not any political party.

    • YES !

      Cruz / Trump or versa visa…………… Though I think Cruz is more a (C)onservative / (r)epublican.
      At least he seems so and I hope so. He is for America as a Constitutional Republic. His take down of McConnell, and by implication, the entire GOP establishment leadership showed loyalty to Country and constitution over party. I just wish Cruz would start coming on stronger with more substantive statements and Contrast the Liberal/Socialist vision with the Constitutional / conservative/libertarian vision.

      (Trump / Trapped 2016…..That was a short-lived ticket !!…… T/T we hardly knew yah ! )

      • “I just wish Cruz would start coming on stronger with more substantive statements and Contrast the Liberal/Socialist vision with the Constitutional / conservative/libertarian vision.”

        AH! THAT is what you (and I ) REALLY want: the boys and girls on ‘our team’ to take off the gloves and actually fight for a change.

        I think this is why people like Trump: he gives it back to the MSM and PC establishment. Trust me, I get this part of his appeal.

        If Trump was legit, I’d be more open to him. But the man has already bragged that he is as corrupt as the people he is attacking. In fact, he’s damned proud of it. He’s just the open business side of the government/business cabal. He’s also very nationalistic. That makes him a fascist — by definition. So why would anyone using their heads support the Fascist over the Communist (Hillary/Sanders)? I do not get this.

        And no, I am not calling anyone here on the RNL a Fascist. I am just saying that I do not understand why so many people that I KNOW to be too smart to fall for this are falling for it anyway? 😦

        • I think I’m probably a nationalist. I’m as American as Apple pie, I fully support our military & I hate the way this administration treats out vets. How can CA give better medical care to illegals than our Vets? That really gets me mad! I don’t think my country is always right, but I’m always on her side against any other country or even that Commie Pope.

          In Biz I probably did embellish the truth a little at times, but I’m a salesperson. I never outright lied though & I never hired illegals & never brought in H1B visa workers unless I really could not find an American to do the job even though clients asked for it constantly by the end of my career. Maybe because I’ve been a fighter all my life I want someone who will fight for this country.

          In the summer of 2001 my husband & I took a 2 month vacation from the Biz. We drove from The Pacific to the Atlantic, a trip I hadn’t done since 1979. The country was happy & prosperous then. 9/11, Obama, the PC-Prog-Zombie thing had not set in yet & our future looked bright. I want that for America again & I’m willing to fight for it.

          • Great Great Great Post Trapped !!

            I felt your words. And I’ve thought about the change that occurred post 9/11. My wife and I took a long trip through the southern states and remember that feeling well.

            Dittos on the pie……. cherry’s ok too though right?

          • Trapp,

            I agree, and I share in the desire to fight for that memory — but we must understand that is what it is now: a memory. Now, don’t misunderstand. I want to re-build her, but I also understand that, even if we can find a way to do that, America will never be what she was.

            When a nation decays to the point where we are now, she must be largely destroyed and re-built. the Left knows this, which is why they are trying to burn her down: so they can rebuild her. But they seek to use force. I want to use REAL education, but it is bloody damned hard to explain what this nation used to be like to the Millennials. They have no concept of life before the computer age: the life you and I knew and pine for today.

            So I do what I can by trying to educate and explain and I leave the rest to the Lord. I feel I am failing, but I am not responsible for the end result. I am only charged to stand on the wall and warn those who will hear. The problem is, no one wants to listen when the watchman cries out “WARNING! DANGER! DESTRUCTION!”

      • Cruz is never going to “come on strong” because he’s like my hubby who is calm, analytical and cool 99% of the time. That’s why he goes well w/Trump who is is the fire, push, drive.
        When my hubby & I owned the Biz in SF I overheard an employee telling another who had been summoned to Hubby’s office not to worry & that it’s when you get summoned to Trapped’s office that it’s time to panic & she made a cutting motion across her neck. You need both to run anything properly.

        • And hubby is from the Bronx ? I’m from Brooklyn originally ( of course 150 years ago) I’m a bit more like Trump. ( Not that there’s anything wrong with that ).

  10. “For word came unto the king of Nineveh and he arose from his throne, and he laid his robe from him, and covered him with sackcloth and sat in ashes. And he caused it to be proclaimed and published through Nineveh by the decree of the king and his nobles, saying, ‘Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste any thing: let them not feed nor drink water: but let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from His fierce anger that we perish not?’” Jonah 3:6-9 (KJV)

    The only thing that kept God from destroying Nineveh. Likely the only path we have left at this point however, prophecy reveals we don’t.

    • chhelo,

      Understood and agreed. Those who have been paying attention should have noticed the change in me that has taken place since I figured this out. I have stopped looking toward people for the solution and started urging people to turn back toward God, the Author of our rights and liberty. I know you have seen it. I just pray I can reach others — soon!

      He is neigh at the door…

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