Diver Down Flag

Here is some fun info if you’re curious….

A while back ago, we were at the Vortex Spring, and the girl signing the boys up for a dive told me that her grandma came up with the design for the Diver Down flag. My husband thought she was probably pulling my leg, but I felt she was sincere. Naturally, I had to investigate…..

Let’s just say, the girl is always right…… well, unless you’re a Clinton, Pelosi, or das Schwein-Schultz. Here is the proof: http://www.floridadiveconnection.com/history-of-the-diver-down-flag/

Call me if you’re ever in NW FL and should like to go…it’s awfully fun!

7 thoughts on “Diver Down Flag

  1. Thanks for the source. I have been diving since 1975, including several years as an instructor, but had never heard the source of the flag design. Bought a sailboat in 1983 and lived aboard for 11 years. Because of the diving we named it “Diver Down” and painted the flag on the stern. At the risk of being accused of blatant self promotion, the proof may be found at http://www.flydiver.us.

        • Wow! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that. Ignore the haters, King Arthur.

          Let me tell you, we grew up with a 26′ Pierson, and when we got caught in a storm, it was breathtaking! I mean, to be totally vertical on a sailboat, and praying that you don’t fall off is just one of those experiences that your ding-dong-dummy critic should realize as fact. Dunno if that’s the kinda thing that turned your critic off, but she needs to wake up and smell the coffee. On top of that, these days it seems one must deal with pirates.(Getting pretty bad in some ports from what I hear….)

  2. I just tried to order your book, and I couldn’t. This could be due to my technological retardation, but I tried several searches on the Amazon. A 36′ Catalina is sweet. Speed boats are a rush, but sailing is the best…

    • I pulled the book. It wasn’t selling well and one critic accused me of destroying her dream. If I had an Email address to send it to you could get a free PDF version. Not sure how that is done safely on an open blog though.

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