King Arthur ~


Well, actually that is my new nickname for this boy called Arthur Thomas. We were chatting about sailing, and I started reading his book. He’s a very good writer.


This story is of the travails of them sailing open water. Unbeknownst to him, after only a few chapters, I will say that this book seems more of a love story. He may disagree as he does include some great advice for the retard sailor in all of us:


For the non-sailors, a tack is a turn that takes the front of the boat, the bow, across the direction from which the wind is blowing. It is critical that the boat have enough forward speed to push its bow far enough into the wind that the wind can then push the bow in the direction the sailor wishes to go. Insufficient forward speed and the wind pushes back hard enough that the turn cannot be completed.


A gibe is a turn away from the wind. A gibe has the benefit of the wind aiding it and is therefore easier to accomplish. A gibe also can cause the mainsail to go from one side of the boat to the other with the wind slamming the sail and boom against their stops, most often ripping pieces of the rigging apart and making the skipper look completely incompetent. An extremely severe gibe can dismast the boat.

But I feel I am right. I really feel that Vicky is crucial in his life. Now, if he tells me he has divorced; I’m wrong! Anyhow, he has graciously offered his book for free, and he’s an awfully good read. If you dig sailing, and adventure, I hope you will click on the Diver Down (Catalina) pic for the book written by one king who happens to be a salty dog, imho.

Reminder: just give us all a heads-up when you’re coming about….


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