Sí, Se Puede

Trump is leading, of that there is no question. Equally without question is that Trump is no conservative – but he is spouting sound bites that resonate with conservatives. He’s like a one man polling firm. That should tell the GOP where people disposed to vote for Republicans want them to focus. At this stage, support for Mr. Trump isn’t so much an endorsement of him as it as a condemnation of the “business as usual, keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” establishment GOP.

I heard a snippet from Trump (on TV) this morning where he was asked for specifics about his plans and he replied (paraphrasing here) that he didn’t sit down and talk about 14 points (of a plan). He said something like “I know the media wants to talk about points but I only talk about the deal – and I think the American people know I will make the best deals for them.”

Trump is outing himself as an “idea man” who is never concerned with what it takes to make a project work – he has people for that, people he can order around and fire at will if they don’t do what he wants. He is essentially a totalitarian in charge of an empire – but America isn’t some “deal” waiting to happen. It’s not a real estate development opportunity that you didn’t see 10 years ago but stumbled on yesterday. America isn’t about making “deals” – it is about principled, strategic leadership. He just can’t fire the government if it displeases him.

If Obama had said something like Trump just did during his first campaign, the GOP would have mocked him – and rightly so.

Oh, wait…he did – and conservatives did mock him even as the establishment GOP was marveling at his smartly creased pants and his supposed post-racial eloquence (I’m looking at you David Brooks and Peggy Noonan). Measured by their own metrics, the “Hope and Change/Sí, Se Puede” agenda is demonstrably a miserable failure. (Sí, se puede is also the motto of the United Farm Workers).

I have always told people who are looking a quitting their current job to make sure that they are running toward something positive rather than running away from something negative. Over the years, I’ve seen too many people so eager to get away, they romanticize the new job only to discover over time that they ran to an even worse situation.

I fear this describes the current Trumpmania. Republicans are so intent on running away from the status quo, when they hear words they have wanted to hear from the GOP (and in fairness to Trump, he has raised valid issues), they have romanticized the Trump candidacy and are not seeing it for what it is.

In substance, Trump’s slogan “Making America Great Again” is as empty as was Obama’s “Hope and Change” . The truth is that Trump isn’t talking specifics because he has no more of an idea how to make it work than Obama did. He has people for that.

18 thoughts on “Sí, Se Puede

  1. “The seed of our destruction will blossom in the desert, the alexin of our cure grows by a mountain rock”
    Thus you say:

    ” Republicans are so intent on running away from the status quo, when they hear words they have wanted to hear from the GOP (and in fairness to Trump, he has raised valid issues)”

    When they hear words THEY HAVE WANTED TO HEAR FROM THE …GOP .

    And yet the GOP remains silent. Which is a message from the GOP to the base…….and the base is getting the GOP’s message loud and clear. This message is the other side of the coin of a wasted 2010/2014 Gift to the GOP of the House and Senate. The GOP silence confirms the do-nothing rubber stamping GOP Congress and Senate giving Obama……everything.

    Will the GOP allow the alexin to grow and Flower within the GOP itself ? Or will the GOP starve it so that it withers by a mountain rock ?

    The GOP has left the Conservative base ………… the GOP is at war with the GOP base.

  2. I do not trust Trump. He will crater on the 2nd Amendment and sell true conservatives out on other issues as well. Just another progressive vampire with a super ego. Just one statement proves it – “I will make America great again”. How about “if elected we will honor our founding principals and crush the progressive movement and together we will make America great again”.

    • And which GOP or which Conservative candidate ( Cruz, Carly Carson, Paul…) is saying :

      “if elected we will honor our founding principals and crush the progressive movement and together we will make America great again”… ??????????

      • Closest is Cruz. My comment was based on Trump who would never think of letting anyone take credit for anything other than himself.

        • Cruz is my first choice. But even he is pretty much silent these days !

          Trump and Cruz have both been complimentary of each other I notice.

  3. How odd. I wrote a post today on the outsiders. I just have a different view of Trump. I truly feel he does love America. I watched an episode of his show, The Apprentice, and I tell you, he is very sincere. That said, Carson is still my main squeeze…….sauf pour tu.

    • Here is a RECENT Ben Carson Statement ( Feb 2015 ) from Carson on the Vaccines and “informed consent” issue:

      “.. Although I strongly believe in individual rights and the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, I also recognize that public health and public safety are extremely important in our society. Certain communicable diseases have been largely eradicated by immunization policies in this country. We should not allow those diseases to return by forgoing safety immunization programs for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate these diseases.”



      Basically, Carson advocates for abolishing Individual Liberty for the greater good ( called Health this time) of the State. This Socialism/Communism …. and the method of facilitating it would be Totalitarian Facsism.

    • Woodrow Wilson loved America. Obama loves America. The problem is, the America they love is NOT the one most of us love.

      Equivocation is a mother — and that’s why politicians make a living off of using it.

      • No. Kells is correct on this one. Trump loves America as he has known her.

        Wilson and Obammy love THEIR vision of what America could become if there wasn’t a Constitution…….if American WASN’T a Constitutional Republic. They both said so in pretty clear language.

        • “As he has known her…”

          All Trump has ever known is the Fascist side of America that was created by the Progressive movement — where big business and government pay each other for favors, just as he has bragged about doing. This crony version of this nation, the nationalist/protectionist version reminiscent of the Progressive/union days is what Trump is in love with, but it has little resemblance tot he Constitutional republic our founders created. So, yes, he loves AmeriKa, but not AmeriCa. The latter would reject him while the former would — as it is — praise him.

  4. Don,
    Well stated!

    Was discussing Trump on the phone last night with my brother and he brought up a significant question:
    If Trump is the GPO nominee, what process will he use to sign over all his holdings to the managers
    of his Trust?

    As per law, Trump will have to set up a “Holding” that he incur no preferential toward any of his companies
    if elected president!

    I am pondering the people he trusts to take over and manage his empire?

    What statements has Trump made regarding this procedure?

    • My guess would be that is already in place as per his public persona has been subject to personal vendetta for decades. So this is already in place, or to a large degree already in place to protect his enterprises from Lawsuit based on attacks on him personally.

      In addition…..as with Charlie Munger and uber-insider Warren Buffet, Trump already has managers he trusts.

  5. My husband & I feel we’ve been waiting 30 years in the darkness for a leader to step forth and say what Donald Trump is saying about illegals, our Sovreignty & American workers. If he does what he says he’s going to do history will remember him as the President who saved “the American way” and if he doesn’t then he won’t be any worse than most of the other Presidents in my lifetime.

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