The Magic Position

Yesterday, Trump posted some specifics on his positions, while also calling out one senator who apparently is bought and paid for by FB owner, Zuckerberg.

Personally, I compare Trump to a tabloid magazine journalist in that he unapologetically exposes the dirt on the D.C. cartel (a Cruz term) which is funded on the backs of taxpayers. That said, he is a very smart guy. I reckon you sorta have to be to amass $10 billion. Here are his positions:

Still, my heart is so fond of Carson. He is another really smart guy. I reckon if you can separate conjoined twins, you’ve got the grey matter firing on all four cylinders. Speaking of twins, it would literally scare the hello outta me if my sisters were conjoined at the head. (That would’ve been disastrous when they fought over the Cocoa Puffs in the morning.) What was I on about? Oh, yes! Here are Carson’s positions:

Oh, here’s a song that the candidates shared with me:



4 thoughts on “The Magic Position

  1. Theodore Roosevelt was a smart guy.

    Woodrow Wilson was a smart guy.

    FDR was a smart guy.

    And they all changed America for the worse following what they called good intentions. Ben Carson has a lot of good intentions.
    But the Second amendment, individual liberty ( esp in regards vaccinations) and the 4th amendment are not included in those good intentions.

    • Both Carson and Trump have the best interests of this country at heart…don’t start again with your vaccination BS………oh, and people can read for themselves what he thinks on the 2nd amendment. You know, sometimes, you, B,, and G. make me so angry that I grind my teeth. (While my dentist rejoices, this causes me much grief.)

      Now see here. I’ve bigger fish to fry as the boy starts high school tomorrow. He asked me what it was like, and I showed him Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. I told him to watch out for the wolf, because I was the duck. I told him to aim to be Peter..

      Yeah, so now my son thinks I’m out to lunch… you boys do…… but he’ll see what I mean..

  2. I have immense respect for Dr Carson. He is the voice of reason, intelligence, wisdom & kindness. I wish he lived next door, came to every Thanksgiving dinner & was the US Surgeon General or in charge of US race relations.

    However, I do not think of Dr Carson as a street fighting man, someone who can get down & dirty like Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, The Clintons or Chicago’s Mayor Daley whose “Daley Machine” ruled Chi Town with an iron fist when I was a kid.

    I think Dr Carson is a gentleman in the best sense of the word, so was Mitt Romney. I don’t think a gentleman can win against the Democratic machine. My opinion is we need a street fighting man, but I see why Kels respects him so much as he is truly worthy of our regard.

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