Before You Read Beck’s New Book, “It IS About Islam”

The Oil for Your Lamp

I have Beck’s new book, “It IS about Islam,” and if you plan to read it, there is something you need to know before you do.  In many ways, Beck has finally arrived to the party, but true to form where Spiritual matters are concerned, he has missed the mark — again.  Still, this new book does have value.  It does accurately expose the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith.  Unfortunately, Beck cannot bring himself to report the whole truth about Islam.  He cannot resist inserting a fallacy into the equation before the discussion even begins; a fallacy that, if the reader accepts it, leaves him with the exact wrong impression.  Thus, Beck seeks to undermine whatever good could come from his book before he even starts to expose the truth about Islam.  So that you might get the most out of this book, let me point out…

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8 thoughts on “Before You Read Beck’s New Book, “It IS About Islam”

  1. Joe,
    After reading your entire post in “The Oil in Your Lamp,” am of the opinion you are correct about Beck’s

    I am finding it difficult to accept Beck’s concept that any Muslim can find fault in the Qur’an to initiate
    ANY change in Muhammad’s prophecy.

    After numerous readings of my copy (English interpretation) of the Qur’an, I am of your opinion that
    there is NO change possible by any responsible Imam.

    • EdwardS,

      I know, but — PLEASE — don’t get the idea that I am happy about this. I’m just trying to accept and share the Truth with as many as will listen. Sadly, Beck does not appear to be among that number.

      As for me, I pray for the Muslims because, unless the Lord reveals Himself to them, it means a great many will perish. That hurts to even think about — even in spite of the fact they would happily kill me, it still hurts. 😦

  2. Joe,
    You may be correct with your prayers. We will achieve a change in Muslim philosophy through prayer
    faster than any significant proposals initiated by the Mulla leaders?

    Jesus said that it wouldn’t be easy!

    • EdwardS,

      Yes, Christ did tell us it would not be easy, but He also told us with enough faith we can move the mountains. Now, when we realize that ‘mountains’ are Scriptural symbols of governments and kingdoms, there is hope that we might be able to move the mountain that is Islam.

      BTW: this book is worse than I had feared. 😦

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