‘Reforming’ the NAZI Ideology

Read it — ALL of it. It’s not what you might think 🙂

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I have been struggling with something that I am convinced our society needs to face: how do we reform the NAZI ideology?  Yes, I’m serious.  How do we reform the NAZI ideology?  I ask this because of all the ‘good’ NAZIs who helped to save people in WW II.  In addition to these ‘good’ NAZIs, there were many more who didn’t agree with Hitler and the NAZI Party.  These were the ‘moderates’ who were happy to live their lives without killing Jews, using science to build a master race or going to war to expand the Reich.  Wasn’t it just the radicals in the NAZI Party leadership that were misinterpreting what National Socialism is all about who gave NAZI a bad name?  So, how do we reform NAZI ideology?  Or is the NAZI ideology so beyond redemption that we shouldn’t even try? (This is not what you might be…

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8 thoughts on “‘Reforming’ the NAZI Ideology

  1. Been there, Done that….. They “Re- Formed” the Nazi Party and called it the Modern Progressive party. In America it has its racist and eugenics faction in the Democrat Party and its engineering and fiscal faction known as the Establishment GOP. In Europe they are combined into the Social Democrat Party.

    In the Mid East they didn’t have to change anything really…..as islam just continued on as ever.

    • But you see, you just said it” they did not ‘reform’ anything, they just changed the name. How do you ‘reform’ this ideology without changing its nature?

      I say it can’t be done. What say you?

      • I say you are correct. Evil is Evil. Thus a re- Forming is never a reform.

        Once again the weapon of language is employed by the progressives ( Communist/socialists). For instance the Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses being called “woman’s healthcare clinics” and the babies murdered there…. “Fetal tissue”. What could be more Nazi than this ?

        And of course “pro-choice” being used to describe pro-abortion, when in fact choosing to carry a baby to term is as much a “Choice” as is the choice of termination at 4 weeks or murder at 21 weeks plus.

          • Yes.

            I am consciously conjoining the thinking about life within the progressive abortion apologists with the disregard towards life which the Nazis and the islamo-fascists have displayed since their inception.

            • OK, roger that.

              If ‘evolution’ were actually the MO of human development, you’d think that — at some point — man would learn to rid himself of evil for the sake of prevention. Sadly, the only people who seem to even try this are the very ones of which history tells us we should be rid. Sadly, every generation seems doomed to learn the same lessons as the last. It’s almost s if… Well, as if human nature is exactly as Scripture says it is — FIXED! 🙂

  2. Hello, sunshine. Wanna do us all a favor, and keep the friggin posts here? (This mentality of yours is as retarded as the Bay County drivers…) Quit making people jump hoops to read your damn post, fool!

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