Master of the House

On the FB, sweet M. posted a very good article which I was hoping he would repost here. My argument to him was that it sounded as if he was proclaiming states’ rights with regards to immigration. He said it is a federal issue, and I agree, but then I think of these sanctuary cities, and I think…..well….who is the master of the house? (Sorry, I had to shamelessly steal from Les Miserables on that one.) I am curious to hear what you boys and girls think (even though I’m right, and you friggin know it!)  Look at the legalization once again of marijuana in some states. Hiccup….against federal law, by the by….

I reckon curiosity is killin the Kelly Cat. What makes sanctuary cities and pot smoking legal? Are we moving more in the direction of states’ rights over federal rights? Or could it be what the politicians and lobbyists choose?

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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