Trump is Mobile ~

This morning I watched Trump’s speech in Mobile, AL. I tell you this boy is on top of things. He knew very well of the Chinese currency, and the plants (Nabisco and Ford) that moved to Mexico. I do not think people should so easily dismiss an intelligent billionaire……. jes sayin.

The beauty part that I gained from the speech is that he would put some of his key negotiators into the Executive branch. As it stands, we have a 73-year-old SOS who breaks his leg bike riding, while coming up with the worst deal possible with Iran. #truthsabitch Could this ding-dong dummy not have gotten our four Americans out at least? Crikey!

No. This administration saves a traitor (Bergdahl – who caused the death of six men trying to save him) and frees five Islamic terrorists from Gitmo, who in turn go back to their antics. People wonder why my blood boils……holy shite……….

Sometimes I feel like the sane girl in an insane world (stole that line from Spock).

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