AGENDAS: Top Down, Bottom Up

The Oil for Your Lamp

I heard a talk radio host discussing Donald Trumps handling of Jorge Ramos during a recent press conference.  This radio host said that he believes what we were seeing in Trump is the start of the ‘top down’ aspect of the ‘Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out’ strategy for political change as described by Van Jones.  Now, I must confess, were it not for this radio host, I doubt we would know anything about Van Jones’s strategy.  So I would expect that, as the man who explained it to the nation, this host would have a better understanding of how the strategy works and what type of people employ it.  Unfortunately, as evidenced by his linking it to Trump, this host has demonstrated that he may not have a solid understanding of the mechanisms in play here.  This is troubling because this radio host continues to ‘educate’ his audience of…

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