A Tale of Two Mikes

Yesterday on the Facebook, I had two very different Mikes come to the same conclusion with regard to my liking Donald Trump.

The first Michael, whom I refer to as M., and who owns this site, warned me that “the Don” is a flip-flopper who sounds like the Bill and Hillary of yesteryear. The only problem I have with this conservative argument is that every candidate has flip-flopped on something. As far Trump sounding like the Clinton’s of yesteryear; newsflash: They won.

The second Michel, whom I refer to as Mike, warned me that the U.S. was in great danger of only electing the very wealthy, and that the divide between the rich and poor in the U.S. had grown more than any other country. The problem that I have with this liberal argument is demonstrated by simply observing news footage from across the globe. In Mike’s defense, he did come back to clarify that Trump only cares for Trump.

Now being that he is of the liberal persuasion, it was to tout Sanders as being one who has not changed his positions, and is for the common man. The problem I have with Sanders is that he is a socialist. Why does that bother me? Socialism historically is a gateway drug to communism. Once you go there, you’re talking about a far greater disparity of wealth than any capitalist society.

Here’s the way I see it: Trump has been on both sides of the aisle, so he knows how the game is played. It is true that neither he nor Sanders are taking lobbyists’ money. One is an egotist, the other very humble (too humble, imo, particularly when he let the BLM shut down his rally).

Getting back to Trump, some may compare him to Obama. The big difference is that 1) Trump will not have congress approve jackasses into key positions (he didn’t make billions appointing stupid people.) 2) Trump wants people to be proud to say “I’m American” because he wants our country to be the greatest again. So while he may have the ego of Obama, their outlooks for this country could not be further diametrically opposed.

While I am not trying to sound like a soothsayer, I will say that I’m very, very good at reading people. This is why I love the two Mikes………………and Trump. J


4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Mikes

  1. Kels
    I’d have to agree with you that socialism is not the way to go unless you want be highly regulated & very poor. Having been really poor as a kid I would fight going back to that situation tooth and nail. I remember leaving Fostercare at 16 (after being declared an emancipated minor) with 2 battered suitcases & a couple cardboard boxes of household goods. My last Foster Mom gave me an old bed, but my roommate & I sat on the floor in our tiny one bedroom apartment for months until we could afford a Goodwill couch.

    In my experience it’s usually upper middle class & rich people who embrace socialism & attack capitalism, they can afford to. I remember working in a factory one summer in Miami when I was in college where I met a young Cuban refugee named Elena. She educated me about socialism in one visit to her apartment. She told me in Cuba she could buy only 2 pairs of underwear a year and she’d always craved new underwear. It was at the top of her list to purchase when she arrived in America. In her very humble bedroom she had an old dresser filled with drawer after drawer of beautiful panties, plain color ones, multi colored ones, lace ones & even ones with the days of the week on them-all carefully folded & beautifully hand washed in Woolite. That was the first time I really understood what socialism meant to the people who lived under it. Talk about limited choices!

    One of my life’s most important lessons has been that Capitalism is a poor kids best friend. It certainly was mine & Elenas too.

    • Trapped,

      Socialism is supported by the Crony Capitalists ( and Lobbyists on K Street) partly because it fits a “I’ve got mine….now pull up the drawbridge so I don’t have any more competition” philosophy. Therefore their “club” of wealthy cronies remain in power in perpetuity with a virtual monopoly power grip on opportunity.

      Free market Capitalism and Constitutional Republicanism is the individuals best friend indeed for opportunity and continued Freedom !!!

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