AGENDAS: A Question for Glenn Beck’s Listeners

The Oil for Your Lamp

OK, this is the written word.  I cannot convey my facial expressions, or the tone of my voice.  All I can do is beg you to accept that, as I write this, I am conflicted in my Spirit.  I know that, as a nation and individually, we need to turn back to God.  We need to repent and beg God to forgive us.  I wish that I heard Church leaders speaking out on this as loudly as Glenn Beck, but, sadly, Beck is the only voice I hear on the national scene calling for a return to God.  He says the right words, and he sounds like he is on the path to righteousness, but this is why I am conflicted.  I do not want to tear down; Scripture commands that we build up instead.  But Scripture also commands that we edify, and because I know that Beck is…

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