Gay Marriage, the Law and Kim Davis

I am re-blogging our friends new post, but I want to attach my comment along with it.

I disagree with Vlad. Mrs. Davis is NOT violating the law. Her State has a law on the books forbidding her to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. So she is upholding the law.

The ones in the wrong here are the Supreme Court for finding something that they know does not exist — especially in the 14th Amendment. Gays have equal protection under the law already. They have as much right to marry a person of the opposite sex as the rest of us, so SCOTUS has bastardized the law with its ruling — period! Which means that the judge who jailed Mrs. Davis had a duty to refuse to enforce the SCOTUS ruling (principle of lesser magistrates and separation of powers). So he is just as lawless as SCOTUS.

The reason our society does not see this is because we have become lawless, ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Gay Marriage, the Law and Kim Davis

  1. I agree B3A……..

    When Kim Davis took the job, the law stated that she could ONLY give a marriage licence to a couple as long as they were one man and one woman. Until that law is changed in the books, she in not acting illegally. Once it is changed the county should find her another equal paying job so she won’t have to break either their laws or her own religious laws.

    • Dusty,

      If the law is changed, the county does not owe her anything. At that point, it is on her to decide what she wants to do: accept and uphold the new law or move to another job.

      But, for now, she is in the right and ALL those who say otherwise are in the wrong — period. And this includes the tyrants in those black robes.

  2. I agree with B3A and flasawdust…..but have to disagree a bit about “the law” issue.
    States have overwhelmingly voted AGAINST homosexual marriages. The SCOTUS opinion does not in any Constitutional way constitute law. Marbury vs Madison started the road to perdition early on….. but this does not make it (1) Morally right nor (2) Constitutionally correct…..legislating from the Bench is not a legitimate way to pass any “law”.

    Further the SCOTUS opinion was in relation to one case and the extension of this “Opinion” to the entire country is in fact a form of Tyranny overriding legitimately passed laws in the States. Sorry but this has to be taken on at this level because the degradation of our Constitution has in large part happened because of this in-correct assumption that the SC is the final word on…..well basically everything. THAT is an Oligarchy with the 9 Black robes acting as a de facto new priesthood ….a kind of Religion of the Supreme Court if you will.

    This why a Convention of States is necessary and the suggestion that the Supreme Court be term limited needs to be passed.

  3. I’m still searching for the clause in the U.S. Constitution that enumerates power to the Federal Government to enter into the business of marriage in the first damn place?

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