The Coming European Islamopocalypse

Somewhat apropos for today, I am posting this from onboard a commercial flight…

Truman Capote was once quoted as saying: “Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.” Unfortunately, the converse is also true – hate also has no geography and it, like love, also has no boundaries. On this, the 14th anniversary of 9/11, America is still in the middle of a war President Obama and his national security team has declared unworthy of their attention and therefore forgettable. To those who are paying attention to the real world, we know that are still very much engaged in a war with terrorists who will make an attempt to vest the horror of 9/11 many times over when we give them the chance (I say “when” rather than “if” because many of our elite leaders prefer to pretend that the war ended with deposing that tyrant cowboy, George W. Bush).

Civilized people who share a common respect for each other create political boundaries to delineate areas of a particular sovereignty but in reality, political boundaries are illusory, they are barriers only to those who pretend to respect them. Ideas and ideologies transect borders with ease – and in that the future will record the downfall of Europe, the Islamization by peaceful “migration” that Christian Europe forestalled via the Crusades and the coming war between America and the UK against the same Nazi-like force that was believed to have been defeated in 1945.

Of course, radicalization of religion and ideologies is nothing new. To some extent, all religions and ideologies have experienced it. Christianity had the Inquisition and Islam has, well…now. The difference being that Christianity learned from that experience and reformed. Islam will not.

Radicalization is the most insidious autoimmune disease of mankind. Autoimmune diseases like lupus and Multipole Sclerosis are triggered by some unknown factor and can strike any human without warning. Without identification of cause or even the predisposition for these conditions, it can be assumed that every human has the potential to be effected given the appropriate trigger. Today, the most prevalent hosts of radicalization are Muslims. While the trigger for Lupus or MS is currently unknown, the trigger for radicalization in Islam is the same as it was for Christianity – power and politics.

Proposed in concert with the Great Wall of Trump as a front in the fight against illegal immigration in the US as well heard from opponents of the mass “migrations” or Muslims from the Middle East to Europe is the oft expressed proposition that “only good Muslims/Mexicans/etc.” should be admitted – but this idea demands that we ask – just how is it that we can tell who a “good” anything will be?

As the aforementioned diseases are undetectable until AFTER they are activated, so radical Islam is undetectable by our social and cultural analytics. Western civilization is as ill equipped to discern a “good” Muslim from a “bad” Muslim as America is to detect a “good” illegal immigrant from a “bad” one or the Mayo Clinic is to detect a case of MS before the disease is triggered. About the best that can be done is to understand that children of a parent with an autoimmune disease MAY be more susceptible IF they experience a triggering event – but even then, the correlation is weak.

What is statistically true is that if you pack a room full of people who have parents with MS, given the right trigger, there will be a higher percentage of people who come down with the disease. The same goes for radical ideologies like those present in Islam. Europe is patient zero in the coming epidemic of radicalization and “home grown” terror.

There is no doubt that Islamist terrorists are a minority of the total population of Islam…but then a minority like 19 Wahhabi hijackers are all that is required to kill thousands of innocent people. An examination of the 19 who attacked America 14 years ago revealed that they weren’t poor, they were not uneducated and had not been radicals from birth. It happened because their minds were triggered by a certain belief, one that wasn’t dependent on geography.

These are the people who are flooding across the EU borders and spreading to every country in the EU. The UK seems to be waking up to the danger – the migrant camps in Calais, France is an obvious symptom – but at this point, even secure borders will not guarantee that the coming European Islamopocalypse is avoidable. The UK is closing the barn door after the cows are gone the gene pool has already been compromised.

Is there a cure? I think there is but I doubt the West has the stomach for it – at least until the threat is overwhelming. It is the same cure applied to Nazism in WWII. Eradication and the collateral damage that comes with it.
I fear we are already on the path to a third world war fought on the same grounds as the first two.

On this day of remembrance, I fear mankind’s most virulent autoimmune disorder is only awaiting its trigger.

5 thoughts on “The Coming European Islamopocalypse

  1. Utah,

    I think a major part of the problem — at least in this country — is that we have been in the grips of the Progressive/Communist influences of Secular Humanist thinking, which is protected by the shield of political correctness, for far too long. Now, we have idiots who think they are smart enough to align with the Islamic world for the sake of their oil money but will somehow retain the ability to control those same Islamists. Their arrogance has blinded them to the fact that they are not truly bought and paid for, but that they do not see the threat of Islam because they can’t. To these people, everything is explained in terms of money and power (in their minds, they are the same thing). So they believe that they can use their power to influence the Islamic world through manipulation of the Islamic world’s money. It has never occurred to them — and it never will — that the Muslims may not care about the money. That they have an entirely different agenda, and that, for them, the money is just a means to that ends. This is why the non-Muslim West does not see the cancer it has welcomed with open arms.

    As for the other half of the equation? Well, Obama knows very well what Islam wants — and he is actively working to help the Islamic world achieve their goals.

  2. Way, way, way too many Americans are too naive to admit, or maybe even realize, that we are in a war with Muslim terrorists. Sixty-nine and a half million of them were stupid enough to vote one of the enemy into the Presidency of our nation.

    • Those naive Americans are too conditioned by Political Correctness and lack of REAL Educations to know that muslim terrorists are already at war with America and the West. And that the war is being fought on many fronts as islamic tactics includes both direct and indirect attacks. The indirect attacks are focused on using the West’s freedoms and generosities against the West itself, in order to bring it down from within.

      Whether we acknowledge the threat soon enough is the question.
      Because I have no doubt that when awakened ( if awakened) America and even Europe is capable of strong swift and effective counter-action. History shows us this.

  3. It’s a very sad situation. I’m glad most of the WWII Vets I’ve known aren’t around to see this, it would break their hearts.

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