The Spirit of Anti-Christ in the Words and Deeds of Pope Francis

I understand the RNL is a political blog page, but I thought that, since he has decided to abandon faith and cross over into politics…

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I have held back on writing this post for a while.  This is because we live in troubling times, and I am feeling a growing pressure to make sure I not only write more deliberately, but also with the utmost of care.  Still, I must write.  If I do not, I will be burned up from within myself.  I feel the command to address the things I see that strongly.  So, with the full knowledge that I am about to anger a great many people, many of them friends and family, I write now for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  This current Pope, Francis, is clearly displaying the Spirit of Anti-Christ in his deeds and his actions.  And I can say this with absolute certainty because I know God’s Word, and I know how God’s Word tells us we will know the spirit of others:

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3 thoughts on “The Spirit of Anti-Christ in the Words and Deeds of Pope Francis

  1. Having never happened before, it is interesting that Pope Francis addresses this particular Congress and there were some eyebrows raised over a few things he said and didn’t say. An apparent condoning of abortion is a most striking assault on Christianity and then (among other things) there was the hypocrisy about widening the door at our borders while the walls surrounding the Vatican are so high. With current world turmoil – particularly in the Middle east, corruption in Western governments at an all time high and the 4th blood moon approaching, one does see biblical prophecy coming into focus.

    • loaper73,

      Not that I disagree, but if believers do not see the prophecies coming to life all around them, they should at least sense that we are in a critical ‘season’ in the Lord’s timeline.

      And yes, the Pope does leave one to wonder about a great deal. He also appears to have condemned guns while he has a personal bodyguard armed with automatic weapons. He condemned wealth, yet he heads the most wealthy organization in the world. He exhibits the very type hypocrisy that Christ condemned in the Pharisees: the laying on of burdens that the people cannot handle while, at the same time, relieving themselves of having to follow their own standards. This is what Christ called ‘the yeast of the Pharisees.’ We see it everywhere around us, which is why we must be doubly vigilant to mind the plank in our own eyes — so that when we judge, we do so correctly 😉

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