1. Ah but the Left buys it all…. every last syllable. It’s as if they just voluntarily line up for the Piper as he sends them down the path to destruction.

  2. LOL – Impeach Obama… What would you suggest at this point…. an all out civil war? Drag the entire country into economic ruin in 3 to 5 years and kill 30-40 million people in the process?

    • Yeah, you’re right. I see the wisdom in holding the course and allowing 330+ million to fall into the same sort of state as the Middle East.

      In the face of doing what is right and just, those who are restrained by their fears do not deserve the gift that was purchased for them by those who were not — namely their liberty!

  3. That’s great but you didn’t answer the question. What do you suggest doing? This is how Americans blind ourselves with meaningless debate. Unless we have some answers (that make sense) it does no good to complain.

    • The answers are two fold. First, the formula that made this nation successful is to be grounded in the Judeo/Christian ethic. So, unless and until the nation turns back to God, nothing will work. And even if we did have a revival, we would still have to return to an adherence to the law and that would require a McCarthey-like purge of any and all secular humanists still within our government and social institutions. This is the solution, which is why I am quite certain we will not see any improvement in our lifetimes. The generation that loses its liberty never regains it — because it does not value it, nor know enough to reclaim it. It will fall to a generation at least twice removed from us, and even then, only if God intervenes. Barring that, with the level of surveillance and control available to government today, there will be nothing but eternal slavery for the rest of time.

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