20 thoughts on “The Roots of the Gun Violence Crisis

  1. The actor John Rys-Davies agrees in a fundamental way with you about Judeo-Christian values and their vital importance to the West. It is a long interview but well worth it ! .. :

    “Western Christian civilization, of which you’re a part, is one of the great glories of mankind.
    These are the things we stand for. We stand for liberty, liberty of association, freedom of speech. We stand for the equality of everyone in our society before the law, men as well as women. We could make a list of all the things. But let’s get back to respecting these things. These are the glories of our ancestors. These are what thousands of our ancestors died to protect and preserve. And if we allow those things to go because we are afraid of being politically incorrect, or of hurting somebody by suggesting that perhaps their value system may not be quite as nice as ours, then we are fools, and ultimately, scoundrels.”


    • Thanks, Don,

      I’ll try to make time to watch/read this over the weekend.

      As for the subject: there is one fact that simply cannot be denied, and that is that equality of individual worth and protection under the law can be traced directly to Christ and His Sermon on the Mount. Before that, even the Jews differentiated between classes of people and their legal protections. Jesus was the first time the world had even considered the things most in the West now take for granted. To deny this (as we do under political correctness) is to justify a giant leap backward, not forward.

      “Progressivism” — in whatever form it may take — is more accurately called ‘regressivism.’

      • His first sentence above says it all. :” Western Christian civilization, of which you’re a part, is one of the great glories of mankind.”

        Here is a link to a recent book about the Frankfurt School and its destruction of American values and traditions. He gave an interview on the Mark Levin show during the bottom of the third hour with Inga Barks. He used the term REGRESSIVE to describe “progressives” too…….as we have done here for a couple of years.

        Good interview, well worth the 15-20 minutes on his show archives. He is talking about the Frankfurt Schools destruction in the context of American Christian milieu too.

        http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/159403768X?keywords=Michael Walsh&qid=1444975259&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1Western Christian civilization, of which you’re a part, is one of the great glories of mankind.

        • Walsh now writes for Beck and the Blaze. I like him, but I must confess that I am troubled by the many seemingly solid Christians who see no problem working with a Mormon. They are willingly entering into a relationship that is unequally yoked.

          • People are desperately trying to get their message out in as many venues as they can. Walsh also writes for NR and PJmedia ( Whittle, Ben Shapiro et al ). I would bet we will see an editorial at Conservative Review from him as Levin is now Editor in Chief.

            Beck and David Barton opened a PAC for Cruz ( got people to donate ostensibly for Cruz) and gave money to Carly Fiorina…….

            Beck is a Fraud. First and foremost. He will go down in history as one of the Greatest Charlatons.

            ” A charlatan is a person practising quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage via some form of pretence or deception.”

            • Don,

              I hear you. I am not quite ready to condemn Beck as a charlatan (and it would take a lot more for me to say such about Barton), BUT, I have made it very clear that I have been finding myself at odds with Beck more than I am in agreement. That said, I think part of Becks problem (at least from your position) comes from my problem with him. I do not think Beck has the spiritual sight he believes he has. Beck is grounded in a false religion based on human works. As such, Beck finds himself jumping from one thing to another according to whichever ‘work’ he thinks offers him the most benefit at the time.

              Let me try to put it this way: Beck is a ship without anchor. So, as he tries to weather the storms in life, he finds himself drifting with the tides. I this case, the tide is his understanding AT A GIVEN POINT IN HIS LIFE! So, one day, he thinks Gandhi is the solution, and the next, MLK. Tomorrow, it will be someone else. He does this with religion, too. This is why he thinks common ground is possible between Muslims and Christians/Jews.

              On the other hand, IF he were truly grounded in God’s Word, then he would not have these problems as Beck would have God to guide him. So he would see how Gandhi used the teachings of Christ, but he would also understand where, how and why Gandhi fell short of his goals. Same for MLK. If we do it God’s way, things will often work out: but even if we do it God’s way, if we do not point to God in the process, the end result is never quite what we had hoped. Conversely, our founders not only did it God’s way, they pointed to and credited Him the whole way. Look at the result: the greatest nation man has ever known. This is why Beck keeps missing the mark and why he keeps chasing after things that glitter, but are not the gems he seeks (i.e. Fiorina).

              • I’ve said it before.
                The reason anyone ( Including Charlatan Beck) misses the mark with MLK is because MLK was also a fraud, a false prophet and a Communist. MLK’s true “work” shows itself repeatedly in application over and over again as violence and divisiveness…..not because of errant interpretation, but because of ACCURATE application of his “work” and intention.

                MLK needs to be exposed clearly and explicitly for what he was, not aped as the Myth created from falsehood and specially chosen snippets of speeches written for him which have the word God in them or a rephrasing of the Declaration of Independence.

                This exposure and clarity needs to be done from the pulpit and from those who profess scriptural integrity because that is the central legitimating theme which keeps this MLK-Myth alive. To not do so rhetorically elevates this Myth above the Lord.

                • To be honest, I have not studied MLK well enough to speak intelligently to this issue. I have no doubt that there are GOOD reasons to keep him at arms length. I know enough to know this. But I do not know enough to say more, sorry.

  2. This:
    “.. As such, Beck finds himself jumping from one thing to another according to whichever ‘work’ he thinks offers him the most benefit at the time.. ”

    Equals this :

    ” A charlatan is a person practising quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage via some form of pretence or deception.”

    Glen Beck is a complete Fraud. In every way, religious or secular, that he presents himself.
    His Fraud has become a Meme for our time.

    • Don,

      I am trying to be charitable. They are not equal UNLESS Beck is aware of what he is doing. To be a charlatan, he has to knowingly and intentionally deceive others. I do not think he knows what he is doing. In fact, I think he is so blind that he has fooled himself.

      That said, I agree that he has ceased to be helpful to our problems at hand.

      • And I was not being charitable regarding his “awareness”. In a similar manor that calling Obammy an idiot or the RINOs Stupid is more than inappropriate at this point. Dan Bongino is correct….. I paraphrase only slightly “they knoweth exactly what they do…..they don’t care”.

        • I understand your anger. I’ve been there recently, myself, so I will not begrudge you of it. All I will say is that while I agree with you 100% regarding Obama and the RINOs, I still think Beck falls under the category of useful idiot. Only, in this case, he is self-deluded and, therefore, serves Satan more than any political agenda.

    • Don,

      You are just hammering me with homework, but I don’t mind. You always present good material, so feel free to keep it coming.

      However, I will tell you that I have been aware of the inseparable connection between the Progressive agenda and racism. It is the foundation of the Eugenics movement, which is itself a cornerstone of Progressivism.

      • I know that. You and Utah and I have been aware. But I didn’t know the details about Glass and Steagall . It all makes sense when you see the pieces come into focus. Even when you’ve known the picture for some time.

        • I know. It’s scary, isn’t it? That ‘One World Order’ stuff isn’t so easy to dismiss once you learn history.

          Neither is the other side of the story foretold in Biblical prophecy. The one is opening the door for the other.

  3. I just had to put up these Paragraphs from John Rys-Davies interview. It is a long interview and some might not see it through to the End ! This time he talks about the Elephant in the Room … ISLAM !!


    “..But the real elephant in the room, the unspoken elephant in the room, was actually said to me by a Kurdish taxi driver in Sweden two weeks ago. He said, ‘John, you’re avoiding the real issue. Why is there no peace in the Middle East? It is because of Islam.’ And since he was a Muslim, I thought that was a moment of courage and as hopeful a statement as one could expect.

    But the real elephant in the room is Islam. And I’ve seen some marvelous Muslim men and philosophers and historians saying, ‘But really, it’s only because we’ve gone wrong, that this ideology is wrong, whereas philosophically, if that medieval part was suppressed…’ You know, your heart goes out to people who try and square the circle. And you know in their heart of hearts, to admit that it can’t be squared, demands so much of them.

    Look, this is the problem. The problem is Islam itself. It is the elephant in the room and we’re afraid to say that we ought to look at finding a way of helping the people who’ve been enslaved by Islam, for don’t forget that in many countries, Islam is enforced on people. I think one of the debates that I’d like to see going is, how do we put Islam to the moral test of the West? If, in order to rationalize your faith, you’ve got to admit that yes, technically speaking, the holy Prophet Mohammed did justify slavery and because of that, that should apply now, you have no place in Western society. You are not a Westerner. You have no right to be part of the concerns of modern humanity. You have sacrificed it.

    In the end, there have to be a number of moral, agreed certainties that we bind ourselves to observe. And if we don’t, we’ll fall apart. “

    • BRILLIANT! And spot-on. Now I’ll tell you the three main reasons the West is going to ignore Islam until it is too late.

      1 — Many political and financial leaders see allies in the Muslims. They either seek political power or financial gain through alliances they mistakenly believe they can control.

      2 — Others, like the majority in the media, are just plain delusional. They actually believe the manure they shovel.

      3 — Finally, and most damaging, are those who see the truth but close their eyes or turn their heads because they realize what it would mean to admit to this truth. If they admit the problem is Islam, then they have to face a holy war on a global scale like man has never faced.

      These are the three main reasons people ‘ignore’ the elephant in the room — and why it will be left to Christ to clean up when He returns. In fact, if I am correct in my understanding of prophecy, Islam and the agenda it drives will be one of the chief factors that triggers the Second Coming.

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