Without Wisdom and Discipline, Modern Man is just a Monkey with Technology

The Oil for Your Lamp

We live in an age of wondrous technology with amazing potential to do good.  Sadly, however, our technology is not leading to advancement.  Instead, it is leading to regression.  Now, if it were in the hands of responsible people, things might be different, but it isn’t.  The bulk of our technology is in the hands of foolish people who have allowed our technical marvels to blind them to reality.  That reality is this: without wisdom and discipline, man is just a monkey with some very dangerous toys.

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5 thoughts on “Without Wisdom and Discipline, Modern Man is just a Monkey with Technology

    • Very true. It is equally true that, without God, there is no morality. This is a Natural law — like those which govern physics — but man has decide he can ignore it or — worse — change it by force of will. By definition, this is man playing god. The REAL God will not tolerate this forever…

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