The Untouchables

91xXKNgwNCL._SL1500_The events of the past week – Hillary’s “testimony”, the promotion of the general who oversaw the $500 million program to train ISIS opposition where all 50 or so trainees were killed, captured or ran away and the announcement that the DOJ could find no illegal activity in the IRS targeting scandal – were disappointing but hardly unexpected given the prior performance of this administration.

I guess I haven’t had enough coffee to dilute the cynicism that floods my bloodstream overnight down to my normal level of “high” from the maximum “Diogenes Level” – but it occurs to me that our contemporary government is now indistinguishable from organized crime in its motives, its defense of itself and how it propagates and infiltrates society.

Just like the mafia, loyalty and fealty to Don Obama and his various Democrat crime bosses is valued over all. If you execute the plans to assassinate the character of rivals, strong arm citizens through regulation, force them to behave with agency level protection rackets (nice business you have there – be a shame if something happened to it when the EPA shows up), coerce them via taxation, bribe them with taxpayer funds or punish enemies with arbitrary and capricious enforcement of laws, you are in – you will be protected, bailed out and never get fired. You can lie directly to the face of the American public without fear of repercussion because the cops in the media are on the payroll. The vaunted Fourth Estate has become nothing less than a Fifth Column owned by the American federal Yakuza.

It should be no surprise that the only (former) members of government who get punished are the whistleblowers – the untouchables15federal Cosa Nostra deals harshly with snitches. You rat on the boss, you get a new pair of cement shoes and get to sleep with the fishes. Learn to keep your mouth shut and get with the program and you can go places. You can be “made” just like Hillary.

I didn’t start this out to be a Trump post but as I write this, it is dawning on me that the root of my suspicions about The Donald is that he acts not just like Don the candidate but a rival “don” who wants to move in on a rival’s territory and take over the “business”. I’ve noted before that Trump isn’t promising to cut government down to size and refocus it on enumerated powers, he is promising a more tremendous, classy, well-oiled Leviathan working even better for the people. Yuge Leviathan. High energy. Fabulous. You have never seen a Leviathan like a TRUMP Leviathan!

I just don’t think a new crime boss is what we need, even if he is nominally from “our side”. It could well be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. Hanging out a “Under New Management” sign is pointless if it concludes with “Same Opportunities For Graft And Abuse As Before!”

We need an Eliot Ness to lead a new team of Untouchables, a group of folks dedicated to rooting out the corruption, arresting the criminals and cutting the federal mob down to size. We need someone who doesn’t care if they are liked or popular – they just want to clean out the rat’s nest. We need someone who can attract other bold people willing to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune of turning the RICO statutes back on their creators and doing a little government-focused trust busting.

Many may disagree but right now, the only GOP contender who looks like Ness to me is Ted Cruz.

24 thoughts on “The Untouchables

  1. I agree.

    Cruz looks like Ness and a Lot more. An Eliot Ness who knows the Constitution and how to argue effectively before both National and international courts !!

    This 2015-2016 season is more than politics as usual however. This season of the witch is one which requires much MORE than the usual “debate” and negative campaign ads.

    • And BTW Trump HAS talked about cutting gov’t down, specifically the Un-elected Agencies. And one to be eliminated…Dept of Education. This combined with Tax Cuts are fiscally essential. The Chris Wallace interview was just the latest where he says this.

      And I am in no way related to Don Obama …. although if I had an “America hating lawless promoter of a dystopian United States” cousin hiding in a dumpster somewhere…… he would look like Don Obama.

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