Rush Said He Doesn’t Understand What’s Going On, So I Am Here To ‘splain Things To Him

Rush opened his show today saying he has no idea what is motivating the ‘deals’ he sees the Republicans making in Washington this week.  He said he has no idea as to how to explain everything we are seeing.  Well, I do.  In fact, I’ve explained it many times here on the RNL…and I have been repeatedly attacked for doing so.  Well, I can deal with being attacked for the sake of perusing truth.  So, to that end, I am once again going to invite the attacks by explaining how to make sense out of everything we are seeing in Washington these past few weeks.

We all see things through a lens of preconceived ‘truth:’ our understanding of how the world works.  However, even though we may believe we see things clearly, it doesn’t mean we are correct. When we see something happening that doesn’t make any sense to us, the first thing we should do is double-check what we think we see.  If we do that and can confirm that we are seeing accurately but we still cannot explain what we are seeing, the second step is to question our assumptions. It is possible that our assumptions are preventing us from understand what we are seeing.  I believe this is what is blinding Rush.  In fact, I think this is blinding a good many people in America.

We start from an assumption that the Democrats and Republicans are opposition Parties: they are opposed to each others’ goals and methods.  But what if Carol Quigley was correct?  What if there is only one Party pretending to be two?  This may be difficult to accept, but if we do accept it, everything — everything we see in Washington will suddenly make sense.  It explains why the GOP and Democrats always seem to ‘give in’ to the other side — because they are both working in the same direction.  The only difference is in the path they take.  The R’s push the military and defense, and the D’s push welfare and entitlements.  But both are tied to corporate cronyism.  Both Parties are pushing to grow government and centralize power in the Presidency.  Both Parties seek to use the Courts to destroy the Constitution and rule of law.  Both Parties are dismantling the Bill of Rights and protection of the individual.  Both Parties are destroying private property and the free market.  If you look past how it presents itself to the underlying goal, you will find everything the D’s and R’s have been doing leads this nation in the same direction and it has for decades.  So why do we insist on believing the Parties are different?

If we accept the Parties are one, it also explains why the GOP doesn’t ever go on offense.  It explains why the GOP is allied with the Democrats and media in the quest to destroy the TEA Party and conservative media.  Whenever there is a real outside threat to the power structure in Washington, the D’s, R’s and media join hands to present a united front.  This should tell us something.

The fact that the R’s never keep their promises; they have spent as much as the D’s; they malign their voter base as much as the D’s; the R’s refuse to uphold the Constitution, or hold Obama Administration officials accountable for breaking the law; the R’s are doing nothing to stop the invasion of this nation by illegals or Muslims seeking to destroy this country; the R’s are seeking to pass amnesty; the R’s are doing nothing to stop illegals from voting; the R’s do nothing to stop attacks on freedom of speech and religion; the R’s are doing nothing to differentiate themselves from the D’s.  So, why do we still think the R’s are different from the D’s?  They aren’t.

Now, I can already hear the Republican sycophants screaming that the R’s have tried but Obama is stopping them.  If this is you, SHUT THE FRACK UP!  The R’s hold the House and Senate and a majority of the States.  They can impeach Obama and his Administration officials.  They haven’t!  The R’s can refuse to give Obama any money to push his agenda.  They haven’t!  The R’s can call for a convention of States.  They haven’t!  The R”s can do things to stop Obama, but they haven’t.  Why?  Well, if the R’s are actually working with the D’s, then they are doing what we should expect.  But if the R’s are actually trying to oppose the D’s, then how do you explain what the R’s are doing?  You can’t — not unless you want to say the R’s are all insane/incompetent.  But we can see that the R’s know what they are doing and are competent enough to make things happen when they want to.  Therefore, we can only assume the R’s are in with the D’s.

So, Rush, if you want to know how to explain all this, change your assumptions.  You have blinders on and they are keeping you from seeing clearly.  The R’s are D’s and the D’s are R’s.  The only real difference in the American political scene right now remains in the TEA Party — which is why all sides of the D/R establishment are attacking them.

If we want to do something that will really make a difference, we would ALL refuse to vote D or R this year and forever more.  Yes, even if it means ‘the other side’ wins, we will not vote D or R ever again.  Besides, if I am correct, there is no ‘other side,’ so voting for someone other than a D or R would finally be voting second Party for a change.  If 20% of us will do that, we might — MIGHT — get through to these tyrants.  But if we keep playing their game…  Well, if that’s you, feel free to stay on the plantation, but do the rest of us a favor and stop complaining about something you are perpetuating.

OK, let ‘er fly.


13 thoughts on “Rush Said He Doesn’t Understand What’s Going On, So I Am Here To ‘splain Things To Him

  1. Joe,

    I guess I could be a cheerleader and say relax all will be just fine. You are over reacting, the D’s and R’s really have our best interest in mind. Quit being a hayseed and be thankful we have these “all wise” politicians and public servants looking out for our well being.

    Look just today the wisest among us solved the budget crisis for the next 2 years. There are more than enough trees, that survived global warming, to print another 20/40/60/80/100 trillion. We can all quit work and become artist, musicians or better yet slaves. See budget problem solved. Slaves don’t need any benefits or money.

    It has been a smoke screen for the last 100+ years. We have moved left continually and will shortly, if not already, be in a 21st century version of fascism. The plan only required the red pill and a placebo. R’s are the placebo placed in the march to tyranny to make the masses feel better all the way along.

    Rest assured when the election is held for President in 2016 I will not have a dog in the fight. The only choice will be criminal A (Hillary) or criminal B (Trump). I’m not voting for either. I’d rather see it all burned down and start over. If I survive OK if not that is OK as well. At least I stood my ground and didn’t bow down to sell out other patriotic Americans. Need a few more Sam Adams and Sons of Liberty to roll back the Leviathan.

    So all of you D and R voters have fun believing you make a difference in today’s political system.

    We will make all men equal come hell or high water.

    • chhelo,

      The goal is to get the righteous left among us NOT to vote. If we give up, it is much easier for them to get what they want. And if we don’t give up…

      Well, you can get away with using the IRS to attack your political opponents, and in Chicago, you can even ‘disappear them’ without ramification. So…

      Now that you mention it, I think we’ve been Fascist for some time now.

  2. Rush said the Republicans’ 2-year budget deal gave the election to Hillary because the Republicans had destroyed their brand. Not necessarily – this can be turned around.

    The 2016 election can be won by whichever Republican candidate calls for ALL the long-timers in Congress to be voted OUT, both Republican and Democrat. The over-ten-year incumbents of both parties are the ones who have participated in, permitted, or profited from all the politically motivated waste and corruption in the federal government.

    If a Republican outsider candidate (Carson and Cruz are the most likely) calls for new people who have actually run a business and met some payrolls to take out candidate petitions and run as PRIMARY OPPONENTS to incumbents, even Paul Ryan will be vulnerable. This should be a big part of their presidential campaign. THERE IS STILL TIME! Look at how Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor last time! Republican voters will be invigorated if they can get rid of the RINOs, and will come out better than they did for Romney.

    Yes, the party’s brand and conservative reputation are damaged. But, the damage was done by the incumbents, who ARE the image of the party. It can be changed simply by changing those people. We need a local businessperson in every House district, and every Senate seat up for re-election, to become a candidate and make the point that their business is threatened by the taxes, regulations, fees, and employment-related costs imposed by government. They may as well run, because they have no future if they do not. Then, they have to return to their business after one or two terms – as George Washington did. They must break the tradition of becoming a permanent political class, groom their own replacements, and warn us against ever letting politics become an occupation..

    They have to be registered and run as Republicans even without party financing or assistance, because that party is always on the ballot and independents or minority parties are not nationally on the ballot. A truly fresh crop of conservative people in the House, and a good infusion in the Senate, can change the nation’s economic and social direction quickly.

    It will of course be necessary to replace all the appointive positions in the Executive branch. Lower level bureaucrats are a problem, and can be dealt with by simply eliminating and consolidating big chunks of the vast swamp – if the jobs are eliminated, the federal unions can’t protect those jobholders. The federal courts can be dealt with similarly – cut the number of judicial districts and drop the liberal judges. Even the Supreme Court is subject to Congress – the number of judges has been changed several times in the past.

    • BillC,

      Exactly what I mean. I know you intend well, but you are just advocating more of the same. Why go to all this effort to save a Party that does not deserve to be saved? When nature re-sets things, she starts by destroying the old. Why not do that here? Just get out of the gOP. Start a true 2nd Party option — if you even start a Party at all (Washington warned us NOT to have Parties). If there are as many ‘good’ people left in the nation as everyone thinks, they will leave the GOP. Then you can run ‘good’ candidates. If that doesn’t work, then there is nothing left to save anyway. But trying to save the GOP is just that: saving a Party instead of a nation. You are free to try, but you’ll be doing it without me — and a whole lot of other principled people who are done trusting in evil people who lie to us every bit as much as the Dems.

      • The party’s officeholders by and large do not deserve to be saved. They were selected by a process that favors power-seekers. The party’s name is sullied. The concept of the Republic must be saved, and that is perhaps easier done by keeping the name alive. At least it has easy ballot access, and state/local organizations. Accomplishing that with a new party would take much time and money, and would face roadblocks devised by incumbents, and would probably involve a period of anarchy. However, a currency collapse and a time of hunger is probably indistinguishable from anarchy…

        • You admit the Party structure is in place, but you do not see that it is the same for the State and local structure as it is for the Federal cabal. The system is designed to keep power in the hands of those who designed the system and those whom they chose to allow into their ranks. To me, what you suggest is like saying we should take over the mob by infiltrating it. IF (BIG IF) you succeed, by the time you do, you have become the same as those you replaced. Easier and quicker to burn it down and rebuild.

          “However, a currency collapse and a time of hunger is probably indistinguishable from anarchy…”

          This IS coming — either way.

  3. The only problem with voting for a third party is that they don’t have a voice. I’ve never heard the views from third-party candidates. For that matter, I don’t even know who is running.

    • I know. I get it. If we were in 1930’s Germany, we would ALL have to run as NAZIs because no other Party had a voice. So we would have been “good” NAZI.

      Works the same way with evil: you have to join with evil because ‘good’ doesn’t have a voice. So even though we are with evil, people need to understand that we are ‘good’ demons.

      I just hope GOD sees it that way on judgment day. Thing is, He has already said He doesn’t and He won’t, so…

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