Obama Turns RNL Name-Sake from Fiction into Fact!

First, we saw Obama turn the movie, Idiocracy, from fiction into a documentary.  Now, Obama has turned “Atlas Shrugged” from fiction into fact.  Seriously, what’s next?  Or maybe a better question:



10 thoughts on “Obama Turns RNL Name-Sake from Fiction into Fact!

    • There is NOTHING inherently wrong with capitalism — and you just admitted it by adding the adjective ‘crony.’

      The problem here is that we do not understand the meaning of words, nor do we bother to use words accurately. When we say ‘capitalism,’ MOST (not all) of us really mean the free market. But Capitalism is not really the same as the free market. The free market exists outside of government: by that I mean government is not required for the free market to exist and operate. But Capitalism is totally dependent upon the government. This is because corporations and stocks are artificial creations that require government to create, support and enforce them and THAT is the real flaw in this system. SO long as you are depending upon government for something, there will be graft.

      The better questions are these:

      1 — why do we NEVER see or blame the other half of this equation? We can look to and accuse ‘Capitalism’ all we want, but if there were not greedy, corrupt people in govt., then the Capitalist would have no one to bribe.

      2 — how do we return to a free market system? This is going to require the elimination of corporations and return to charter companies for limited things such as utilities and maybe cell phone networks, etc. But the majority of our system has to return to individual businesses run by individuals and their families. The big conglomerations MUST be broken up if we want to return to a free market, and it is at this point that we will draw fire from the corporatists we claim their corporations are private property when they are – in fact — public property because they are public creations. And that brings us to:

      3 — MOST important, how do we re-teach/re-learn the principles of liberty in this nation? Unless and until the people return to the principles of liberty, we are barking into the wind. A corrupt people will ALWAYS breed a corrupt system, and that is what we have because that is what we have become…

      • Joe,

        The “Godless” that set at the top of the world financial and industrial cartels along with the ever present sycophant political class are more than to willing to implement their plans of world domination. In their quest for wealth and power they consider the average citizen as no more than a pawn to be sacrificed in mass if need be. This is where we are at today in America.

        No doubt you can make a list of th following characters in the article below and insert names of the elite and powerful today side by side. It is chilling to read and realize we are now a fascist country in the making.


        We have no choice in the matter we will either bow down or be buried. Americans fail to realize they are nothing more to the totalitarian state than fertilizer.

        Obama, Hillary, Buffet, Gates, Trump, Bush and the list goes on. Reagan was the last American President that really had a heart for the American people. Since 1990 we have been ruled by the new Nazi Party. In this 25 year period of time we drove the last nail in the coffin by voting for D’s and R’s with the same ultimate goal in mind.

        If you can refute this please do.

        • chhelo,

          Refute it? You have been reading my blog posts long enough to know I have been saying this very thing for years. It’s just that things are finally getting bad enough for the average person to start seeing it for what it really is. Sadly, by the time this happens, history suggests it is already too late.

          For what it’s worth, I no longer expect to die a natural death…

  1. Excellent excellent Posting.
    Buffet was also the beneficiary of 10 and 30 year Treasury manipulations during the mortgage crises. By the Fed keeping interest rates artificially low all during the Obama administration, he was assured not to lose money by purchasing bad assets and Treasuries far below normal historical low i-rates.

    BUT…. back to topic at hand. What you describe was the VERY SAME situation that got JD Rockefeller to in essence “invent” the pipeline industry in the first place.
    The railroads had him over a barrel so to speak.. :- ). They monopolized the transit of Rockefeller’s oil so that per barrel price was rising. By setting up the transit through a pipeline rather than on railcars Rockefeller brought the price per barrel done Hugely…..thus making it more efficient. The profit per barrel went up, the availability was assured and the cost per customer went WAY down. So energy became plentiful so America and The Average American prospered. The whole Country prospered with affordable energy….Industry grew and the American worker prospered in many industries as a result. And so did the average American household.

    It has become Politically Correct to malign the whole Rockefeller story. But there WAS a whole different aspect that doesn’t get told any more.Now Obama (and the RINO GOP) has basically gone backwards and dismantled the Success story of Standard Oil and forcibly “re-invented” the 19th Century and early 20th Century monopoly by refusing to let the Keystone pipeline project to go forward. This is Crony Capitalism at its finest example. Buffet isn’t so much “the wizard of Omaha”, as he is the beneficiary of inside government deals !!

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