In My Safe Space

In the South Park episode, Safe Space, the theme song parodies the politically correct folks (liberals).

For me, the episode does more than bash the politically correct. At the end of the show, it delivers a stinging left hook to the liberal agenda in toto by ultimately killing Reality (the evil, masked speaker of truth). It’s amazing to me that a cartoon can hit the nail on the head (no pun intended) in such an hysterical and accurate manner. I’m thinking the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are Libertarians….

Let’s take a look at the latest scuttlebutt from out of left field. A speech by Carson (when he was 17) postulated that the pyramids in Egypt may have been used to store grains. He confirmed this idea recently, and has been crucified by the libs. Why?

Personally, I wish I had that magical time machine the libs have so that I too would have this undeniable certainty that throughout history the sole purpose of the pyramids was for tombs. Why do the pyramids to this day still contain so many unexplained mysteries? I think for a 17-year-old to proffer a logical and intelligent theory is amazing. For the record, Obama was getting stoned as a 17-year-old.

When I hear the liberal-deflection rant that Carson and Trump have no experience, I say, “Look at what Mr. Experience has brought us: a national debt greater than all of the presidents before him combined, an actual unemployment percentage greater than under the Carter administration, a record high in entitlements (food, medical, housing, education), corruption scandals (F&F, IRS, Benghazi, bailouts, &c.), foreign-relation fallouts, and national divisiveness via the crony media. That’s just off the top of my head!”

This is when the libs put on their rose-coloured glasses, cover their ears, and chant, Bush’s fault, Bush’s fault, Bush’s fault (ad infinitum) …………… their safe space.

8 thoughts on “In My Safe Space

  1. Tombs to the south of Giza and Temples such as at Luxor, were indeed monuments to Pharaohs, the Pyramids morphing over time directly from the Step Pyramids. The same afterlife “journey” is found on some of the Pyramid walls as well as the Temple structures and capture versions of the Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’.

    BUT …. nobody knows or has a good explanation for the purpose of the Great Pyramid at Giza…..the others, especially th smaller wannabees are attempts by later Pharaohs to capture the Glory of the lager ones and the ancient power and authority of the Sphinx complex….but especially the Osirion at Giza with its gigantic stone architecture predating even the Large Pyramid.

    There are almost no known authentic Egyptian markings inside…..thus its use as a Funerary temple or monument is in serious doubt. Any honest assessment of it must come to the conclusion that we just don’t know really why it was built.

  2. A correction is in order. Welfare, W.I.C., food stamps, ect. aren’t entitlements…they are handouts. Social Security and Veterans benefits are entitlements as they are earned or the recipient actually put money into the program.

  3. “The 4.5 million dollar grave”. The silly missile silo condos won’t last a week when crap hits the fan. Unless there is an army surrounding the facility with heavy fire power the takers will just mosey up in a D9 Cat and scrape the top off.

    What they don’t loot they will bury. I just hope all the prog’s go underground. I’m staying in the sunlight with as many people of like mind that I can find. I plan on sharing what I have and fighting to the last man is standing.

    Go out with a smile on my face knowing the Lord is in control.

  4. When I hear the liberal-deflection rant that Carson and Trump have no experience, I say, “Look at what Mr. Experience has brought us


    That’s awesome. Never again will we have to answer the claims of ‘no experience’. Mr. Obama, all of a few paltry years in the Senate, was elected with no experience.

    How have you been?

    • For some odd reason, I’ve been entrenched in B&W movies. I watched Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, Topper Returns, and The Kiss of Venus. Time to come back to this century, and visit your site….

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