Show Me State

It is probably racist just to suggest this but am I the only one who thinks it ironic that the charges of racism at the University of Missouri have been met with so little interest in their validity in a state nicknamed the “Show Me State”?

Something here doesn’t quite feel right. Maybe it is just my overwhelming sense of cynicism but thanks to all the fakery that exists in matters such as these, I tend to view situations like this with a jaundiced eye.

Think about it – the Duke lacrosse team, Mattress Girl, UVa Frat rape – so many of the alleged crimes on college campuses have been proven false and so many other campus “hate” incidents have been proven hoaxes – that it would seem these charges at a university once possessing one of the best journalism schools in the country would merit investigation.

Shouldn’t the groups Concerned Student 1950 and the Legion of Black Collegians be investigated to understand their motives? According to their website, the LBC has not one white student in their leadership. If they are alleging a culture of racism at the university, is not their racial diversity a valid question?

At the recent homecoming parade, members of Concerned Student 1950 “blocked the street and university president TIm Wolfe’s car for about 15 minutes, chanting and making speeches, until they were dispersed by police. Some students watching the parade also joined in on the protest in support. No protesters were arrested for disturbing the parade.” Is it not possible that this group is making an ass of itself to get attention and the animosity directed toward them has more to do with their a-holery than race?

The aforementioned are the reasons that make the validation of a racist culture at Missouri necessary.

I must admit that have no personal knowledge of the reality of the situations alleged – two separate incidents of some random white person allegedly calling black students “niggers” and one incident of a swastika drawn using fecal material on a wall in a bathroom – but I find it interesting that 1) the “perpetrators” are nameless and faceless white people, 2) the witnesses are all members of the aggrieved groups, 3) there is minimal independent verification of the “crimes” by any third party and 4) kicking Planned Parenthood off campus is racism (really?).

According to the Office of the Chancellor at the university, one of the uses of the the racial slur “nigger” is being investigated:

“Last night, with the help of the Mizzou family, MUPD identified the person who disrupted the LBC Royalty Court rehearsal and whose behavior and racist remarks made members of our community feel hurt and angry.

The individual has been moved from campus by the Office of Student Conduct, pending the outcome of the conduct process.”

I don’t condone the use of slurs but this student committed the “crime” of making “members of our community feel hurt and angry”? This person is definitely a bigoted a-hole but are these incidents cause for the resignation of a university president? Now being “hurt and angry” makes one a victim?

This student has already been punished by being “removed from campus”. Suppose he is proven innocent. Paraphrasing Raymond Donovan, which office does he go to to get his reputation back?

My point is that we have a presumption of innocence as the basis for our system of justice for a reason. Innocent until proven guilty protects people from spurious and false charges. As in the myth of “rape culture”, colleges today have adopted the converse – guilty until proven innocent – and by doing so have empowered pressure and grievance groups with weaponized propaganda. It appears the leadership University of Missouri prefers cowardice to truth and by this preference, they legitimize the Alinsky-like tactics employed by these groups.

Serious allegations deserve serious scrutiny. Real crimes deserve real punishment. Real inquiry is the only way to find out what is serious and real. At this point, we don’t know what is real – and that is the problem.

9 thoughts on “Show Me State

  1. Over the weekend I watched a show called, Hey White People. It was like what has happened in Missouri, but with your theory and a different ending. It is on the Amazon. You should rent it.

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