ISLAM ACCORDING TO MUHAMMAD: When it Comes to Jihad, their are no “Moderate” Muslims

Given the Paris attacks, and the number of people trying to defend “moderate” Muslims, I felt it was time to remind people what MUHAMMAD had to say about this matter. Please read. I used Muhammad’s own words — and I did so in context.

The Oil for Your Lamp

First, I want the read to know that I do not write this post to attack or malign, but to help those who wish to know the Truth to understand why there can be no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim.  You will encounter many voices that will claim this is not true.  They will say that there are more ‘moderate’ Muslims (i.e. peaceful) than ‘radical’ Muslims (i.e. terrorists), and that anyone who says otherwise is being a bigot or hateful.  Other voices will claim that these ‘moderate’ Muslims should not be painted with the same brush as the ‘radical’ Muslims.  Sadly, all these voices speak from complete ignorance, and in supposedly self-governing nations like the majority of those in the West, this level of ignorance is criminally negligent, and bordering on treasonous.  Why can I say this with confidence that I am speaking the Truth? …

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19 thoughts on “ISLAM ACCORDING TO MUHAMMAD: When it Comes to Jihad, their are no “Moderate” Muslims

  1. I just watched the trailer on Homeland. Have to agree it is 100% accurate as well. Does the heart good to hear someone (even if it is Hollywood) speak the truth.

    • Well, if they are going to agree with Muhammad, yes. If not, then they are going to ‘edumicate’ us on how they are as ignorant as the rest of the talking fools out there spewing lies.

      • The problem, Joe, is that they suffer from congenital syphilis. It’s the only affliction found in prostitution that explains their mental disorder.

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