6 thoughts on “GOP Declares War on America!

  1. Joe,

    All would be well served to read Washington’s Farewell Address to the Republic in 1796.

    If we had stayed true to the tenants of his elocution in this address we would not have the American Republic at the throws of death today. Our liberty now hangs on the precipice of a cliff, Godless (Judeo/Christian) and Balkanized by our elected representatives. Not for the benefit of the Republic but out of their own quest for the power to dominate the will of their fellow countrymen.

    The birth of America was the inspiration of men of strong moral character whom were well learned in the history of the world and fallen empires. We have no such men today. We have small boys of an effeminate nature, like Barrack Obama, that are haters of good and lovers of evil.

    Without a return to the Judeo/Christian morality that established the American Republic it will be no more. Washington was 100% correct.

    Islam is a false religion. It is nothing more than the concoction of a degenerate murderous madman seeking to ingratiate his own lust of power, riches and sexual deviancy. Since its inception it has not changed or modernized one bit nor will it ever. As you have written in many blogs it delivers what it promises. Death and destruction where ever it is practiced.

    Islam has no place in America. 🇺🇸

    • chhelo,

      I will post Washington’s farewell address. I have read it many times and you are correct: had we listened, we would not be in the mess we are today. And you are also correct: without a God-sent revival, this nation is done. I believe that the troubles we’re in right now are meant to shake us. Sadly, rather than waking up and turning back to God, we are fighting to stay asleep where we can remain in the delusions of our own making.

  2. Joe,
    Am about a third of the way through Dinesh D’Souza’s book “Stealing America.”

    When I read your post, I thought I was back reading D’Souza’s book!

    You are as close to the TRUTH as D’Souza!

    • EdwardS,

      When I was younger and in philosophy school (93-94), D’Souza was already well known — and one of my favorites. So I suppose you are seeing his influence in my own thinking. 🙂

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