LESSONS IN LOGIC: Context is more than We often Realize

The Oil for Your Lamp

No matter where we stand on the political spectrum, we all have a tendency to look at the policies and actions of our leaders and conclude that they are either incompetent or insane.  Now, logically, this is a possibility, however, it is probably the last conclusion we should make because it is a conclusion produced by lazy thinking.  I submit that, before we toss things up to incompetence or insanity, it would be better if we look for a frame of reference from which a given policy or action makes sense.  We have all heard the saying “context, context, context.”  Well, that is all I am suggesting: that we look for a world view (context) that makes sense of the things we see as incompetence or insanity, then draw our conclusions.  If you will allow me, I’d like to use this article to illustrate my argument: “Saying Merry…

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