I FINALLY Agree with the Democrats!!!

For decades, I have heard the Left in this country lecture me about how we in America should be more deferential to the opinion of others — especially Europeans. OK, I think I finally agree with the Democrats: we SHOULD listen to the French on this matter:

French Reporters Stunned At Obama’s Ignorance: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!”

Carma’s a bi-otch 😉

15 thoughts on “I FINALLY Agree with the Democrats!!!

  1. Don,
    Thanks for posting The French National, La Marseillaise, played it again (Sam), and
    still got that “Nationalistic” feeling! During WWII, the theater audience would stand up
    and cheer when we saw the presentation of La Marseillaise in a war movie!

    I still get a teary thrill when I see the La Marseillaise sung in “Casablanca.” One of my
    All Time Movie Favorites!

        • Don,

          If the emerging understanding of Biblical/Muslim prophecy is correct, they will not have enough time to conquer Europe before the Lord returns and puts an end to this once and for all time.

      • Well, France was the location of the last time Europeans had to fight and defeat an invasion by Muslims hordes, so maybe it is only fitting that they do it again — especially since we seem to have out Frenchied the French (and not in a good way, either)

        • Joe,

          Maybe history will repeat itself. The monarchs wanted to protect what the thought was theirs by birthright and the leaders/progressive elites of today are much greedier. They want a one world government rule over all.

          • Satan has been trying for world govt. since the Tower of Babel. God has never and will never allow it. The only bad part about this time is I fear it is the last time we’ll see this dance and — sadly — that means it will not end well for those who continue to rebel.

            • Joe,

              Right there with you on that.

              Since SCOTUS just refused to hear the case on Highland Park, Illinois restriction on ownership by it’s citizens of AR’s and high capacity magazines you can see another chink in the armor.

              Roberts logic is so twisted I have to question his ability to reason. He will on the one hand take from the States and make the decision to extend gay marriage nationwide on some unseen right that is not in the Constitution and on the other let a local municipality take away the rights of it’s citizens to own an AR15 or high capacity magazines allowed by the Constitution.

              He has effectively given all government entities, local, county and state the green light implement bans on all semi-automatic weapons (rifles and pistols) and magazines over any capacity. Whats to keep a city from banning all guns again. See the twisted logic. He just struck down Heller as well. Any further cases can be deferred and left to the discretion of the District Courts which for the most part have been packed with liberal progressive judges that think the Constitution and Bill of Rights are outdated.

              Consider the 2nd Amendment dead, struck down by 7 Justice’s on the Supreme Court. Obama just got his win and the people whom now live in gun free zones will feel the wrath of the animals among us unless the are prepared to move. Terrorist, murder, assault, rape, robbery crime statistics that have been decreasing for the last 10 years will now start to increase.

              Roberts now has the blood of those killed on his hands. We are in for some very hard times ahead. I really don’t think people realize how fast this country can fall apart. When the time comes be ready.

              • ‘They’ have something on Roberts or his family. He will answer for protecting himself over the people he swore to protect, so I do not have to concern myself with that.

                What’s more, the 2nd Amendment is NOT dead. What has happened is the King — in the form of a tyrannical govt./Court — has appointed itself God. In doing so, it has dissolved the Constitution. The Federal govt. has demonstrated a sustained pattern of willingly violating the Constitution. This means the federal govt. is no longer a legitimate authority in this nation. All that remains now is to see whether the States and, ultimately, the American people will act on this.

                History shows that a republic falls into tyranny — UNLESS the people stop it. Sadly, history also shows the only examples where the people did so were when the people were moral and lead by God-fearing STATESMEN! Not politicians, but Statesmen. I see a few of those out there, but I do not see a moral people willing to support them. Therefore, my prediction for America is not very bright.

              • Never ….ever…..ever forget that Roberts is a Bush appointee !!!

                Think about that when you see all the RINO GOP candidates trying to ride in on the Establishment’s credibility :
                Jeb!, Fiorina, Christie, RUBIO, Kasich and Rand Paul ( Who put McConnell back in office) are ALL Establishment – Roberts Republicans All of them !!

                All are in essence anti-Constitution.

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