Pavlov’s Democrats

Full disclosure – I own multiple firearms and am a shooter. I shoot to become proficient in self defense but mostly, I just enjoy it. In 46 years of gun ownership, my guns have never shot another person by themselves or at my behest – but what follows is not intended to be a paean to the NRA or a missive to sway anyone about their position on firearms. What it IS about is a plea to apply reason and to understand the behavioral conditioning we are being assaulted with on a daily basis. This is about government control via an induced mass hysteria based on messages of fear.

The SoCal Jihadis have given the President an opportunity to keep the gun control meme rolling along. Just like his push on climate change, his focus on gun control and climate change are ineffective in their stated goals. They do; however, share a common aspect – both actions are designed to create an irrational fear, the former of guns and the latter of the weather.

As far as weather, we are being told the seas are rising and doom is imminent. Fish are swimming in the streets of Miami. Al Gore and Prince Charles told us 15 years ago that we had 5 years to save the planet. We were told in 2005 that Hurricane Katrina heralded a anthropogenic global warming (AGW) driven future of superstorms and in 2015, Florida (the US’s hurricane magnet) is closing in on 10 years of NO hurricane hits. ManBearPig also claimed in 2008 that the North Pole was supposed to be ice free by 2010 but less than 30 days away from 2016, the polar ice is tracking above historical average levels. Climate “scientists” are now having to manipulate data and work harder than ever to keep up a Ponzi scheme that fewer and fewer of people are buying into. Everything now is caused by climate “change” – from floods in the American Midwest to wars in Syria and Islamic terrorism in San Bernardino, California.

We are now supposed to panic, tax ourselves and allow a global government to veto our Constitution whenever it likes to “save” us every time it is hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

Their approach to guns is the same. Kids are being sent home and suspended from school for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun, pointing fingers at recess and bringing a toy soldier to school. We are seeing kids forced to turn their NRA and military tee shirts inside out to satisfy soft minded teachers and administrators.Just recently a kid traveling home from a vacation with his family suffered the TSA confiscation of his Disney toy because it simply looked like a weapon. Once kids were taught to respect and how to safely handle guns in school – today the are being conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to fear them on sight.

The same hysteria is evident in both situations. Americans are being behaviorally conditioned to irrationally fear a drop of rain or any image that looks like a firearm.

There are estimated to be over 300,000,000 guns in the US and each year, there are roughly 12,000 deaths associated with murders and accidents. going to the extreme, if we assume that each of those deaths involve one gun, that means that 0.004% of guns are involved in non-self inflicted deaths. I have to ask – and this is an honest question – what is it that scares people so much about the remaining 99.996% of guns and the people who own them?

That seems to me to be the most irrational of fears and simple proof that instead of thinking rationally, the anti-gun left has been mind-f**ked by progressivism in MKUltra fashion (the CIA’s mind control program) to negatively react to even the thought of a gun. They simply cannot conceive how people would want to own – or Allah forbid – shoot an icky, nasty old gun (that’s something violent, ignorant redneck Troglodytes do). To them owning a gun makes about as much sense as keeping a dozen rattlesnakes as pets. Like a rattlesnake under the bed, they just know that sooner or later, one of those guns is going to bite of its own volition.

Whether you own a gun, support the NRA, don’t or are just indifferent, just think on this: there are fewer cars than guns, roughly 275,000 automobiles vs. 300,000 guns, so there is a higher incident of deaths by automobile, around 0.012%. That’s three times the fatalities. Shouldn’t we consider banning cars first?

If that seems irrational to you, you need to reconsider how your mind has been conditioned to fear and hate firearms and the people who own them. If you recoil at the thought of a gun, you really need to look up Ivan Pavlov and learn what Pavlovian conditioning is.

6 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Democrats

    • What is false about it? Actually it is only a comparison, not an equivalency. There are fewer people killed in accidents and murders than are killed in car accidents. That is just a fact. I don’t want to ban cars but when you are talking about 12,000 deaths a year when over 30,000 are killed in falls and 38,000 in accidental poisonings, the hysteria around guns does seem irrational.

    • We are supposed to ban guns if it “saves one life”, is that not right? When that approach is taken, the equivalence is drawn by the person who makes that statement, not the one who responds to it.

  1. It is amazing to me how I still have “idiots” that willingly argue about how “global warming/climate change” will kill us if we don’t do something to stop it. All though I make sure they realize that I am 64 y.o., they still assure me that I will die due to the climate change and not old age. Lately, I have been being told that I stand more of a chance of dying because of one of my own guns than I do of living my whole life and checking out when my body gives up. I will say that I can’t imagine how people this stupid have lived as long as I have.

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