FOR TRUTH SEEKERS ONLY: What Muhammad Actually Said About Befriending Infidels

Among his many lies in his speech last night, Obama knowingly and intentionally lied about ‘good’ Muslims taking non-Muslims as friends. Read what Muhammad actually had to say about this, and most importantly, what Muhammad had to say about Muslims who disobey and take infidels as friends anyway.

The Oil for Your Lamp


This post is intended for the education of those who seek the Truth — no matter what that Truth may be.  It is wholly unsuited for those who seek to believe in lies.

In his speech on Dec 6th, Obama said that there are many ‘good’ Muslims who are friends with non-Muslims in America.  When he said this, Obama lied.  It was not an ‘interpretation,’ or even an ‘opinion.’  It was taqiyya and kitman: intentionally lying and lying by omission to spread Islam.  Remember, Obama was raised Muslim.  This means he knows what Muhammad said about ‘good’ (i.e. obedient) Muslims taking non-Muslims as friends.  But for those of us who are not Muslims and who have not researched Islam, here is what Muhammad actually had to say on this matter.

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